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The forgotten victim

There is a violence behind your eyes, it’s a chaotic reign of terror. Something that can never be tamed, it’s a never ending war. Your world is moving backwards, but at least it’s moving and not stagnant like mine. Life today is not worth the pain, there is no peace, there is no sanity, what is left is only lies.

Everyday on the radio, on the tv, the reports they never change, murder, homicide, abuse, domestic violence rules the air waves. Blood spills visible for all to see but what’s not so plain to the naked eye is the mental abuse that occurs behind closed doors. I’m not suggesting you’ve done it all but that which you have done often makes me wish I was never born.

The same hand that built this house is now destroying it. The hand that once relieved the pain is now causing it. The fire and the passion that once thrived in this house now burning it too the ground.

It’s hard to trust, it’s hard to walk, it’s hard to sleep, it’s hard to breath. You’re a criminal within the law because the law ignores my kind. I have a voice, I have my words but they mean nothing when your constant abuse never lets them be heard. It’s hard to see the future through swollen blood shot eyes.

Despite the fact that this crime goes on. Despite the fact that it’s a media buzzword and despite the fact that the tabloid press love nothing more than reporting the pain, domestic violence, mental anguish and the psychical mind fuck you deliver is ignored because you are the fairer sex.

I am the forgotten victim
Forgotten by the system
Forgotten because of gender
No choice but too surrender
The law is on your side
All I can do is hide
From all of the abuse
for which you provide no excuse.

I shouldn’t have to add a disclaimer to this but I will!

The story is not based on ANYONE, while it is non-fiction and this does happen in the real world it IS NOT PERSONAL! It’s based on something I was reading, my intention was not to come off as a woman hater, or someone who blames women for everything but denial that the topic is only perpetrated by one gender as is so often the case in this country it bullshit.


  1. Agreed! There are many violent women both in word and deed. As a woman it disgusts me no matter what sex is abuser. But, women should be nurturers to those they love and I cannot fathom this behavior. It is often hard for police to believe that a man can be thee abused or worse- but it does happen! 🙁

    Well written!

    • I find women are really good at mental abuse, the kind that can’t be seen where as men are more physical. Some don’t even realise they do it where as I think most who physically abuse know they do it.

  2. I agree… I grew up with a mom who actually was this type of woman. All my early child memories are of her yelling or manipulating. My father was a bi-stander. She and I have since come a long way. I have forgive, she has changed. But not before ruining a lot of relationships within the family. Again, we cannot pick family… :'(

  3. It did take time and it isn’t easy. But, I learned holding onto bitterness was unhealthy and ultimately just hurt me the most. My parent’s are quite the pair. I am the oldest of 5 so they’ve also learned a bit since me.

    Oh yes, my mom offends most people she comes into contact with, at some point. She still doesn’t have a filter or volume control. But, at least she has changed in many other important ways. It’s good to know you get it 🙂

    • Are your mum and my mum the same person 🙂 No my mum only had two kids that I know of 🙂 My mum does forgive unlike some people bust she’d never wrong so it makes things hard.

      • You could be my brother from another mother… haha! Oh, bad joke 😛

        Oh boy, that is a tough one.
        Well, I have found that moving across the country has made our relationship a bit easier 🙂

        • Haha You could have my brother….he’s going cheap 🙂 I moved interstate before I was married and it didn’t change much but things have gotten worse in her old age. The weirdest thing is they say “like mother like daughter”, but my mother’s attitude is rubbing off on my wife. How the **** does that work? 🙂

          • Haha! I have one brother and that is enough 😛

            They say you marry your mother or father…just a thought. 😉

            • I thought it was, look at the mother in law because that’s what you’ll be married to in 20 years.

              Goddamn in my wife read this I’d be in so much shit for suggesting she’s like my mum. She reckons nothing on the internet is serious but I bet she’d take that comment serious and I wouldn’t even be allowed in the dog house.

              • Well, then I certainly hope for your sake that she does not. 😉 Most wives don’t want to be like their mom, nor their mother-in-laws, haha! However, I had a really great MIL, she died though, 15 years back. She is still greatly missed.

                • I don’t want my wife being like her mum, and definitely not mine, I’ve always like her for her. I have a good MIL too but because of distance and awkwardness (for both sides) it’s never been smooth, even rocky to the point where I think she thought I hated her but it couldn’t be farer from the truth. I just have trouble letting people in.

                  • Well, all I can say is when people you love change you do your best to except them, flaws and all.

                    As for letting people in, I understand that too.

                    • I do accept even if they don’t think so 🙂

                      Yeah it’s not easy, some people think its because you don’t like people, very few realise it’s because the brain stops it.

  4. I get the feeling you are just a good guy 😉

    Yes, I totally understand. Brains, frustrating and yet so necessary.

  5. Haha! Send along contacts 😉

    No, no- none of that now! I’d be sad…I’d prefer brains stay intact please.

  6. HAHA!
    Drink of choice? I’m a tequila girl 😉

  7. Oh, by the way- you by far are the highest amount of comments on my posts and I on yours. You are the only person I chat with past a comment 😉

    • I’ve had a few comments that might have got to 5 but none as high as you. I had an email chat with someone a few months ago that lasted about a week but that’s about it.

      • I also enjoy Vodka, which is what I usually do in my soda or juice. I’m not a heavy drinker and it takes a lot to get me drunk- like a whole bottle of wine or 3+ mixed drinks. Gets expensive, so if I drink it’s purely for the taste.

        LOL! I could probably email you too, but not sure how long it takes to get them back and forth. Do you do Twitter?

        • $45 for a bottle of Jack here it’s expensive to drink no matter how much it takes. 🙂 But I’m not a big drinker any more, partly due to zero alcohol when I was in the truck, partly because of the kids and partly because I’m the only one with a license in the house.

          My email is quick, the alerts of comments only take a minute or so. As a budding author I should twitter but don’t 🙂

  8. Well, I’ll send along my email via your contact link. And yes, you should- but it’s not for everyone. I’m really not into the social things more than Facebook and Twitter. And really even those take back seat to my blog now. But Twitter is great for adding to the reach of those with common interest in my pieces.

    In other news, it is nearly 10pm here and so I’m headed off. I shall talk to you later. 😉

  9. I see 🙂 Well, I’m going with dark and mysterious. I have a big imagination, the story has already begun… 😉

  10. I think you are right. My motherinlaw died a week after the wedding. My step mil was one for the books. I sympathize . I also believe that we tend to marry our parents’ personalities.

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