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Living your nightmare

bad poetry

I am living your nightmare
It was you that called warfare
You didn’t give me time to prepare
Yet you still think I am unfair

Forever you remain hostile
While you constantly revile
You’ve thrown me into exile
All I’ve tried to do is reconcile.

Your body to me is so erotic
Your mind nothing short of hypnotic
You tongue, your voice, just so exotic
Thoughts in my head are so chaotic

You feed upon the inhumanity
While your mouth is full of profanity
For you it’s all about vanity
You robbed me of my sanity

You’ve left me a twisted and broken soul
Discarded me in this abandoned foxhole
I’m sure you’re on Satan’s payroll
I just wish you’d give me parole

We all deserve a second chance
Not just another cash advance
If you’d just think back to our first dance
Perhaps you could then remember the romance

My heart is pumping air
It’s not me being unfair
My life you shall impair
I am living your nightmare


  1. Wow! Really, really like this one 😀

    • Seriously? I was hesitant to post it because I wasn’t overly happy with it. I though something was missing (obviously everyone else did too given the number of likes 🙂 although one comment good or bad beats 20 likes any day)

  2. My fave part is

    Your body to me is so erotic
    Your mind nothing short of hypnotic
    You tongue, your voice, just so exotic
    Thoughts in my head are so chaotic

    You may have been able to do one more part between the second to last and last portions. But I’m not critical, I like reading your words 🙂

    • That bit was added after the prompt, I wrote four lines and nearly forgot the prompt so I had to delete one line because it didn’t quite fit 🙂

      While you liked that bit I got an email from ‘my number one fan’ (Have you read Misery, I think it’s her) who refuses to leave comments on the site because of the content she leaves, telling me that the verse after that about robbing me of my sanity was “unfair”, “unreasonable” and “too personal” I don’t even know the girl other than the fact that I used to like her posts, then one day I offered her some advice and she started emailing me abuse.

      I’m going to write to Stephen King and ask if he wants a sequel to Misery 🙂

  3. Well, I’m glad you added it 🙂

    WTH?! That is bizarre and creepy…haha!

    • Thanks I kind of liked it when I thought of it.

      Yeah I treat her with laughter. I’d love her to publicise the shit and own what she’s doing so others can see but that wont happen so I don’t even respond to her now, gotta admit though if there is anything ‘personal’ in what I write maybe I’m channelling her partner 🙂

  4. Haha! Perhaps 😉

    What are you up to today? We of course had our big meal for the holiday. More work then eating occurs, but the mess is done with and all the leftovers put away. I am going to put an apple crisp in the oven shortly, for dessert. Vanilla ice cream on it when it comes out and is still a touch warm. YUM 😉

    • Did a little shopping before but I’m trying to write a short story for the prompt right now. It’s a bit of a challenge I’m trying to get in the mind of a forgotten victim (in this country anyway) it’s a little bit difficult and I hope it works.

      Apple crisp? We have a thing with apple on the bottom and an oat and flour top that crisps up which we call Apple crumble, my wife does a killer apple crumble, if yours is anything like that I’ll be there for dessert.

      • Well then, I should probably stop distracting you… 😉

        Yes, that’s it! I usually do an apple pie, but the vote was the crisp instead, this year. My trick is a double layer of the topping… I can save you some. 😀

        • Nah I like the distraction and I have all day. My novel is about 80% written (unedited) up to about 70K words this month alone and my brain keeps trying to write in the form of a poem not a story….stoopid brain 🙂

          I’ll be there as soon as that charted jet arrives 🙂

  5. Well, I like being your distraction…so then we’re all good 😉

    That’s quite fantastic, 70K words!! Tell your brain to get with the program- or perhaps your brain is telling you it needs a break?

    Yeah, about that jet… I hate to tell you, but it landed in the ocean 😛 Back to the drawing board.

    • If nothing else you’re getting my brain out of poem mode…if I start rhyming here I’m in trouble 🙂

      70K is good and it’s the reason I didn’t sign up for NaNoWriMo that people were talking about. I knew I could do it but too many people treat it like a competition and get narky when they don’t get the most words. I write for myself not for others. I wont even share my months writing until January because of the way some people react.

      Is the Bermuda triangle between us?

  6. Haha! 😉
    Where do you put/publish your writings? People are childish and I hate when people act like that 😛
    Well I think EVERYTHING is between us. I’m not even sure what the quickest route would be. Probably California over the Pacific 😉

    • I published a couple of really old stories on my blog somewhere, they aren’t the best and I’ve learnt a lot since writing them. I’ve got one book at the editor and one on my computer and two half written. I’m not sure what I’m doing with them yet. I might self publish in the new year I don’t know.

      There is a lot of water between us, it would be a big swim 🙂

  7. How exciting to have one at the editors. 🙂 Impressive amount of writing!!

    Yes, unfortunate… I do hope to make it to Australia some day. However, I have a lot of places I’d like to travel to.

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