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Slipping into the abyss

bad poetry

Slipping ever deeper into the dark abyss
Fingers clawing dirt, from above I hear you hiss
Looking for a handhold, hoping I don’t miss
I know my life is fading after the devil’s kiss

The devil’s kiss, a forked tongue
Internal bleeding, a punctured lung
In this hole, my body you flung
Worms and slugs I will lie among

You dragged me in with your flirtation
Left me begging in anticipation
Left me in prostration
Then preformed your castration

Eyes are stinging from the tears
Blood is dripping from my ears
Toes removed by your shears
You’ve tortured me for all these years

On the dry dusty dirt my blood congeals
You’re deafened ears ignore all my appeals
You made me listen to your bullshit spiels
It wont be long ‘till I run out of squeals

Screaming from the pain inside
Force fed your fucking cyanide
In my head you want to reside
My life nothing more than your joyride


  1. Love it! Painful and messy, but perfect! 😉

    • Thanks 🙂 there was a few verses that didn’t work but maybe I’ll save them for something else 🙂

        • Problem I’ve been having is my head seems to come up with random verses, I could be writing something funny and something dark pops up I then have to choose which direction to go because they don’t gel together. It means some things disappear, some get used later and some get forgotten, I need a better memory. 🙂

          • That bad a memory, huh? My thoughts get mingled at times too. I thinks all part of the creative process 😉

            • I know I have a bad memory and I’ve paid for it for years because people think I don’t care as opposed to don’t remember, but when it comes to writing poems I come up with something that doesn’t sound right and delete it and then 10 minutes later regret deleting it and not saving it because I forget it.

  2. I have problems with bad memory too! I’m like Dory (Disney movie reference) I sometimes will forget names or search for words. Not great for a writer, I know! A lot of mine stems back to my depression I believe… I think it’s straight up brain damage 😉

    • I don’t remember much of my childhood, I don’t remember dates, I don’t remember so much and if I wrote my memoires it would only be bad news. (although I do remember more than 30 four digit codes for bread from my former job) But I don’t have a problem writing fiction. I do remember I fell off the trampoline when I was about 12 and I landed on my head on the concrete so chances are mine is brain damage too 🙂

  3. Yikes and ouch! 😛

    I think when bad stuff happens and we go through tramatic times, our brain does repress and allow us to forget. Even if just for self preservation. But, then it seems to also turn against a person in trying to save them, that is, the brain. Sorry, getting deep…

    On a lighter note- I made it through my day!

    • My brain just shuts off because it hates me I think 🙂 It does turn against me quiet often but it never explains why…..stoopid brain!

      You deserve a medal, I am still tired from thinking about all you had to do. On the downside I haven’t got much of my novel written today.

  4. Haha! Well, I feel accomplished. I was going from 8:30am to 3:30pm. And there was dentists, doctors and a Disney movie mixed in. I should be awarded Sainthood or something 😉

    • I knight you St. Southern By Design!

      So far this morning I have got the kids up, fed them, got one ready for school, got one to school, went to the butchers so we could eat for a week or two, come home, repacked meat in meal sizes, had coffee, wrote a post, answered comment and talked shit on a forum. Now it’s lunch time and I want to go to bed 🙂

  5. Haha! Now that’s more like it 😉
    Well, those are accomplishments. And the coffee- quite important! I personally say that any day I get up out of bed is a good day. Anything after that is bonus points 😀

  6. Okay I don’t understand it, but maybe it’s fodder for another poem. Always keep ’em guessing!

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