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The Darkman returns

bad poetry

Ripped apart and torn asunder
Heartbeats loud like roars of thunder
In my mind you pillage and plunder
Loving you my biggest blunder.

I promised you my life
You promised to be my wife
I did not predict the strife
I did not foresee the knife

Pushing the blade into my flesh
Thick dribbling blood is oh so fresh
Dripping to the floor and making a plesh
My body you continue to thresh

To you my blood is aromatic
As you pound me with that mattock
Your cackling laughter so ecstatic
Your behaviour so erratic

You twist my arms behind my back
Only stopping when you hear bones crack
I scream to stop the attack
But it’s my mind you want to ransack

You want to stop me feeling
To stop my body from any healing
You love to hear me squealing
It’s my life that you are stealing

You think your life will be carefree
When my death is your apogee
But you just can not see
You can not live without me.


  1. I like it but… I also feel sad from it. Very emotional!

  2. Oh boy, it was so very transforming… I could almost literally FEEL it

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