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Commercialism anyone?

Commercialism has gone too far, product placement is everywhere, we know the names, we know the products. More often than not we refer to the product or brand name rather than the use of the item. It’s an interesting world driven purely by advertising.

We don’t buy crease remover, starch, or ironing aids, we buy Fabulon®. The misty spray, which is mostly water with some smelly stuff in it gets sprayed in the Scorched trail of your Sunbeam® iron. Your crease free clothes are now safe to wear in public.

We (you girlies 🙂 ) don’t put on make up, you paint your face with Revlon®, it hides your wrinkles, it hides your frown. It’s an all day paint job that lasts until the sun goes down and you’re sitting in the glow of your Rank Arena® television. Buying such things used to be a chore, but now they can be bought from any damn store. No longer the tools of business the computer rules our life, buy your own from any store. How did we ever live without our VDU’s and a life programme?

Electric tooth bushes clean your mouth, a task no longer able to be carried out manually and don’t forget the Listerine® because your fancy electric toothbrush really doesn’t do the job. A Band Aid® covers your ouchies, we no longer have plasters or bandages.

Everything is automatic just like the dishes that now require a dishwasher, just hear the cries when the technology breaks down. That’s when you need your bottle of Visine® and a pretty floral Kleenex® to cry on.

Harpic Blue®!

Ok the above is a little dated, the song it was based on was written in 1983 by a band named Redgum. Many of their songs had political messages and protests messages, one of their most famous songs was I Was Only 19 A Walk In The Light Green, the story of kids going of to fight in Vietnam and how screwed up the TV war made them. (Side note, the footage from the original video clip of the song has my fathers RAAF squadron in it). But the song Fabulon was about commercialism. Reading some of the words and brand names may not mean much to those outside Australia but it’s proof that even in the early 80’s we were being subliminally ruled by advertising because we all knew the brand names before we knew the product/stores/items.

(Extra side note, the Rank Arena television mentioned above was a very popular brand of television in this country 40 years ago, my father worked on the first batch of Rank colour TV’s that came into this country, they had to be converted to 240V. We got the fourth colour TV imported into Australia and my grand parents got the third, ours died many years ago but when my grand father died three years ago his TV from 1973 was still operational despite Australia converting (stupidly) to digital TV many years before.)


  1. This time of year commercialism is my biggest pet peeve. The holidays are just big money makers, so sad 🙁

    • Yeah I agree it’s like you can’t have a good time unless you spend money. What ever worse, and I’m sure we all know people who do it, is those who think they can’t have a good time without spending the money on brand names, like their Armani suit makes the party better, like their Gucci handbag makes them the life of the party etc.

  2. This was great, I can relate. Think I’m guilty of it, but am trying to do better

  3. Saying the words, not buying the products…….clarifying.

  4. My laptop is free from any kind of advertising, and my email-system nearly free from spam. So I am a happy about this really very much. It is on us to decide what we do in life.

    • Most laptop’s have a brand name on the lid, which when close looks like it’s upside down, but in fact it’s placed that way so in public with the brand name.

      Same things happen in TV show, they sell prominent screen time to companies in popular shows. Even some authors these days are getting paid to name drop in their books.

      Unfortunately commercialism is just everywhere and most of it we don’t even notice because it’s just a part of life.

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