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This didn’t work

Ok this could turn out a bit strange. Since Austen Tayshus was taken I had to revert back to the idea of taking a song using the word Ostentatious and re-writing it. The reason this could get strange is because the lyrics chosen are from an extreme death metal band named Carcass. Obviously not a band on everyone’s play list but they have been around for 30 odd years and have been writing songs about ripping people apart (among other things) for most of that time. One of their quirks is that they seem to write their songs with a thesaurus in one hand and a medical journal in the other. So here’s the warning, this could get weird as I don’t know this song that well.


Deadening the senses, numbing the body, the torture of the medieval French lyricist is obvious. They play their lament for the dead, their mournful funeral song. A showy display of arrogance with an air of triumphalism orchestrated and managed by those who can only deal in hopelessness.

They are maestros in their field, prodigies with the human organs they remove. Tradesman of the dead they remove and dissect with precision. Their maddening sickened words emanating from the mouths of the sick and twisted.

In the morgue of the dead the human meat it shall rot, it is a death and a horror that shall harass mankind for all time. They do it with mindless thought for those who wish to learn the craft, the newborn life in their midst the ones the cater for.

You were stunned at birth, unable to grow, unable to learn you copied everything as your own the seeds you sown but have now outrgrown. You are now doomed to follow your past, follow the ghosts and demons from your own terminal decline.


Ok that’s as far as I’m going to get, I need to go to a Christmas parade now. Below are the words to the actual song if someone wants to give it a better shot that I did 🙂

Numbing torturous troubadours
Of this melodious dirge
Ostentatious triumphalism
Impressarios of despair

Virtuosos of the visceral
Artisans of the morgue
Wretched morbid euphemisms
Orating grisly tongue

This is the way of all flesh that will decay
The cycle of death exhausted well and truly plagued
A vacuous malaise for which you studiously cater
The lowest common neonate denominator

Germinated spores are sown
Plagiarised as your own
But it’s you we’ve outgrown
Stillborn at birth

Artistically moribund
Soulless ghosts of the underground
By the past you are bound
Stunted at birth

Dulled, blunted, low tensile dearth metal
Melodists of soullessness
Harmonisers of the converse
In heartless exuberance
Impotent vain facile notations
Purveyors of rottenness
Deadpan putrescent prose
A musical spent blunt force trauma
The butcher’s cur attenuated

This is the way of all flesh that will decay
The cycle of death exhausted well and truly played
A terminal malaise that you so feverishly savour
The lowest common puerile denominator

The fruits of perfection shown
Assimulated & decomposed
But it’s you that’s been outgrown
Stillborn at birth

Non hardened, brittle, untempered, dead

This is the way of all flesh that will decay
The cycle of death unbroken – stunted at birth
A vacuous malaise well and truly plagued
-the lowest common denominator
-stillborn at birth

Dulled, blunted, low tensile dearth metal

Artistically moribund
Soulless ghosts of the underground
By our own past we are bound
Stillborn at birth – D.O.A.


  1. maybe you should have put the you tube link to this song….

  2. I think it came out good! 🙂

  3. Agreed, haha! We didn’t allow Barney or Teletubbies! 😛

    • Thankfully we didn’t get Barney down here (we had our own big fat kids creatures with no pants) but we got the teletubbies. Miss 8 never watched them but Miss 4 now will if they are on, but she does lose interest quickly.

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