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On the road again

bad poetry

I’ve travelled this road a thousand times or more.
Chained to the wheel like a prisoner of war.
Tyres eating up bitumen like meat to a carnivore.
I’m going nowhere fast and for evermore.

The Scorched road I leave behind.
Playing with my peace of mind.
Things will never be streamlined.
In a life so damn confined.

Five hundred horses under the hood.
Freedom of the road nothing but a falsehood.
The truckies life often misunderstood.
Not conducive to a life of parenthood.

Long hours in the cab, often done all alone.
Borrowing time just like a personal loan.
Never payin’ it back, forever in the zone.
Driving it hard to avoid a gravestone.

Eyelids heavy, they feel like lead.
I should be asleep in the bunk bed.
But I can’t stop, I have to push on ahead.
Cause the banks don’t take payments in loaves of bread.

The drone of the engine keeping me awake.
The night is not far short of becoming daybreak.
If my mind falls asleep there will be heartache.
Because those waiting at home will be attending my wake.

The worst time of the morning is surely sunrise.
Been up all the night and the mind is looking for highs.
The brain goes all mushy and begins to demise.
Looking for a reward sleep is the only damn prize.

But I can’t claim the prize, I just can’t have a snooze.
Nodding off for a second something I must continually refuse.
Falling asleep at the wheel not something I choose.
Cause I may be dead but it’s my family who loose.


  1. Sounds like the backwoods for us. Have you ever seen the old tv show the Beverly Hillbillies? Yeah, that’s what hicks look like here 😉

    • Haha, yeah well in this country the snobs live in Sydney and dream to be more like America. The rest of the city dwelling population think us country folk are like the Beverly Hillbillies without the oil (they know this because if we had oil they’d have driven us off the land), they think Tasmanian people have two heads and they think Kiwis screw sheep. The truth is there is more sheep in Australia than New Zealand, our sheep farmers are just better at keeping their sheep quiet!

      • I hate to tell u- I may or may not be a city gal “snob” 😉 Haha! I’m quite a quandary to be honest, I’m a mix of rough and tumble. I’m handy around the outdoors, cars, guns and animals. But, I prefer the city, makeup and Starbucks 😉

        • I grew up in the city too 🙂 But having lived in Sydney they are beyond any city dweller I know. I don’t like the crowds of the city but I still gravitate back to the city, I just couldn’t live there any more. Although I could live in Perth because compared to cities like Melbourne and Sydney Perth nearly is country.

  2. Thank goodness I only drive 50 miles or less, as my husband can’t sit that long. Would hate to die that way.

  3. That was a reply to Susie’s comment reply……It’s late…..but since I can never comment on the Reader, wanted you to know I love the trucker stories.

    • I realise that 🙂

      The trouble with the truck stories is they are harder to write because I’m running out of those really twisted and stupid things without digging into the memory and my brain doesn’t like being probed. They will come one day but I can’t drag them out. The other thing is that I have to hide some of them, or even twist some into weird poems because people would seriously think I’m screwed in the head if I admitted to everything.

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