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The mythical beast

As we sail the lonely seas we are reminded of the legend that tells us of this
mythical beast, a beast from the darkest depths of the deepest oceans. We all know it’s name, we all know the legend, three hundred miles long from it’s head to its tail are the reports, yet no one alive has ever seen it.

It’s the holy grail we seek, the treasure, the bounty at the end of our quest. For it’s head on a platter we will take the prize. The quest shall not be over until we’ve searched the very depths of hell. We will hound it’s lair looking for those bright shining eyes and the flame from his mouth. We will not stop until we claim the ransom.

As we approached the beast’s lair our wooden hulled ship groaned and creaked as it rocked on the waves. The cloudless skies turned instantly black, the waters turned to glass and the wind all but disappeared. We sat motionless drifting aimlessly with limped sails on an ocean of no movement.

Within seconds the water around the swollen hull began bubbling, the bubbles quickly turning to a white froth, surrounding us as far as the eye could see. Before we knew what was going on through the froth and the bubbles she rose from her depths.

With tentacles like fire lashing at us from below the water we had no where to run, no where to hide. Below deck the cannons fired but they made not a dent in the great beast from the sea. Our swords slashed, cutting air slicing beastly flesh.

Over the froth the beast rose high, the rage in it’s eyes unmistakable, the fire from it’s mouth nothing but a huge ball of flame. It was clear to us all the end was nigh.

We should have known better than to chase the mighty Leviathan. We knew in our hearts as the beast crested the waves that the stinking calamari was leading us to our watery graves. The bounty long out of our minds as the terrorsquid slayed us for daring to oppose. Limbs torn off, bodies torn apart and disembowelled where they stood.

As I sink down towards Davey Jones my mind thinks of nothing but revenge.*

Revenge will happen in part two when I get an agreeable prompt to go with the follow up song.


  1. I really enjoy when you write this style. I also laughed with your ending comment about the prompt! 😀

    • Thanks, I think I have worked out why these stories don’t feel right to me and it’s because I’m reading the song as I type and then my brain tries to read the story in the rhythm of the song when it shouldn’t be.

      The last line is right, this one was based on a song by Alestorm called Leviathan, they also wrote a song where they get revenge on Leviathan but I didn’t want to try and write about both songs in the one story.

      Also I tried to comment on one of your posts before and it wouldn’t let me.

      • I totally know what you mean. I’ve had times where I have a rythm to my writing that doesn’t come through when I read it back.

        I’ve had problems too. I sometimes can’t post on WordPress and have to go straight to the bloggers page. 😛

        • I had a really heart felt and warming message (otherwise known as my usual dribble) for your post about this time of the year and it wouldn’t let me post. Then it says there is duplicate content. You website hates me 🙁

          Although I suppose it could have got caught as spam, it’s a polite way of telling me I talk crap 🙂

  2. Liked it, but a question. Why are the beasts always referred to as she? For that matter, also cars, guns, “things” that most men use and love? No, I’m not a feminist.

  3. This was fun to read.

  4. revolucioncuanticablog

    Es desastroza la traducciòn !!!!!!!

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