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Ostentatious in a poem

bad poetry

You’ve built a labyrinth I can’t escape
My mind and soul are yours to rape
You have the power to continually reshape
The twisted terrifying rocky landscape

You live your life inside my head
Smashing my dreams and causing me dread
My thoughts and memories you’re happy to shred
You’ve done it since the day we were wed

You burrow your way in through my ear
With words so sweet they’re meant to endear
Your only goal is to be my seer
You pride yourself with being my puppeteer

Like a guided worm you crawl into my brain
With no other desires but to cause me pain
I love you more than I love cocaine
The rush I feel as you flow through my vein

You promised me nothing short of paradise
Even when I couldn’t pay the asking price
You said I should be happy to make the sacrifice
For my life of bliss addicted to your ice.

Your actions are nothing short of salacious
The words you spread nothing more than mendacious
Your methods clearly are voracious
You do it all because you’re Ostentatious

You promised me a life without oppression
Instead I became your unhealthy obsession
You treated me like a possession
And gave me a life of depression.

Through my blood your venom runs rife
Your poison you know causes me strife
But even when you hand me your knife
I’m still too strong to take my own life.


  1. REALLY good! But I hope not from experience… 🙁 Powerful and emotion filled!

  2. Good post. I think I dated that villain’s sister in college. :/

  3. Wow, this was powerful – hopefully not true about someone in your life

    • As stated in one of the other comment there is some truth in everything, there may be some poetic license and it may not be me rather someone close. But most of what I write about is in some way experienced.

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