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A filthy mind I’m not ashamed of

For years I’ve been told I have a filthy mind. Sometimes I wear it as a badge of honour, many times it’s got me in trouble and on the rare occasion I have kept it to myself.

I don’t know exactly when it started but one of my earliest memories was of Kevin Bloody Wilson singing ‘Hey Santa Clause’ when I was 11. Sure it was dirty words that made it funny as an 11 year old and the use of the ‘C’ word was still so taboo that to a kid it was funny just for that reason. As I got a little older I realised Kevin Bloody Wilson was a filthy bugger but the guy did have a talent for de-constructing other peoples songs. Some are hits some are misses but providing you aren’t offended by dirty words the guy is quite often funny.

Language warning, not suitable for kiddies, especially with the name he calls Santa.

Not long after Hey Santa I heard The Builder and that song almost described our neighbours 3 year old word for f’n word.

Kevin Bloody Wilson just happened to be writing the secret sound track to our teenage years despite the fact that every album was restricted to 18+ years of age. Somewhere about the time Kevvie was doing his thing I was doing the same, I was never as good but I’d bastardise any earworm that got stuck in my head. It was almost a rebellious thing. “Get out of my head or I’ll add dirty words to you.”

By the time I was in a band I stopped writing (re-writing) dirty songs in favour of real songs but the dirty songs stayed with me and my filthy mind never changed. If anything the songs dropped off and the dirty jokes took their place.

30 odd years on Kevin Bloody Wilson is still touring his dirty shows and now his daughter, Jenny Talia is singing her own brand of dirty songs with filthy lyrics and competing with her dad on the same level proving a filthy mind isn’t restricted to males.

Jenny’s dad has obviously been a huge influence on her career and one of her best songs showing that is her song titled “Fuck For A Living” where she talks about how kids at school had dads in different jobs but she had a dad that said “Fuck For A Living.” Typically filthy but to a filthy mind funny as fuck 🙂

However there is a serious side to Uncle Kevvie, a side that for many years had to remain hidden. In many stories he has explained how he wrote several songs that he just couldn’t release because people wouldn’t believe he wrote them. Now days that the truth is out he can play them and be credited with them but back in the 90’s when pretty much every song Kevvie released had dirty words (there is nothing like Christmas with dirty songs, “Santa’s Roadies”, and “Roo Dog” are classic Christmas songs) song like “Tattoo of Santa” and “Hankies From Nanna” just couldn’t be released with his name on it. So much so that he gifted the song “Hankies From Nanna” to fellow stand up comedian Col Elliot. (Col mostly does filthy stand up, he’s part retired now, but he has written a few serious songs and Kevvie gifted him the song so that it would get heard).

So there ya go I have a filthy mind, I love filthy ditties and while most of the ones I like are Australian I have got a few albums from overseas performers, but there is just something unique about the Aussie larrikins and their comedy.

If you are offended easily I strongly suggest you don’t click on any of the video links above.


  1. Good job!



  2. Great piece! Dirty mind…I have been known to find mine in the gutter. The songs, hilarious- although my ears were burning after a couple 😉 I love to hear the accent though, well worth it!

  3. We sent all our prisoners to Australia so that’s probably why you like them.

  4. Bodynsoil

    I haven’t seen the song you’ve mentioned here; I’m sure I’d find the funny. I’ve always had a dirty mind, long before pc was a thing. Now that I’m a grandmother, I’ll need to keep myself in check, saving my inappropriate joke for late nights around the fire with friends.

    • There is a lot of people who do like Kev’s humour that aren’t as filthy minded as he is. It’s bit different now but when he started in the 80’s it was fairly taboo to swear like he was.

  5. Eureka! You showed up on the Reader! Champagne, caviar?

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