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There was a man from Nantucket

bad poetry

I have often been accused of having a filthy mind
A mind so dirty it was nothing short of unrefined
It’s honestly true I have always been inclined
To have dirty thoughts in my mastermind

But the thing is I can be really sweet
I can talk about things so discreet
That’s cause this silly deadbeat
Would ravage you under the sheet

On your sweet neck I could nibble
That would definitely stop the quibble
Top Cat’s enemy is Officer Dibble
Down your neck I wouldn’t dribble

I could caress your wonderful thighs
To me that’s better than first prize
Such information should not come as a surprise
Once I’m finished we could reprise

If I was filthy this would be R Rated
But it’s so sweet I am elated
Even if you’re just frustrated
And want to see me castrated

If I was filthy I’d have run amok
But you’d still be awestruck
AC/DC sung Thunderstruck
Hey honey about a ….

A filthy person would have typed fuck
But definitely not this schmuck
But now I have managed to get stuck
So I’m going to bed.


  1. Have you ever even been to Nantucket?! 😉

  2. Well I imagine there is somewhere but I don’t remember seeing him in any tourist routes 😉 Probably only known to locals as the town tart.

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