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Something no one should read

bad poetry

So today the prompt is Tart
You just know I’m going to rhyme that with fart
Or possibly something to do with a broken heart
But definitely not an upstart

I guess I could write about a tart filled with plum
But honestly that would just be dumb
Maybe it’s a tart filled with chewing gum
But that would probably be humdrum

There is always the tart who has sex for money
A few verse about them could always be funny
The words could be all bright and very sunny
She could be having sex with the Easter bunny

Then there is always the tart that is so sour
Maybe the other tart needs a shower
She probably thinks she has all the power
But the Easter bunny she should not deflower

This poem is just getting strange
I hope the tart doesn’t have mange
Or someone will really want to arrange
For her a home out on the range

One of days these poems will make sense
But don’t hold your breath because I am pretty dense
My house doesn’t even have a white picket fence
Maybe we could go smoke some wild frankincense

It’s time now for bed before I go crazy
Instead of frankincense I may smoke a daisy
When I wake in the morning I may well be hazy
And I’ll definitely still be lazy.


  1. Haha! I forgot to mention after reading this that I actually first read the prompt as “fart” and did a double-take. So, was quite perfect that you should rhyme with the word 😉

  2. Prefer the edible tart, to the other kind.

  3. I just knew you would have to add that word somewhere…..you don’t disappoint.

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