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A poem because the prompt isn’t working

bad poetry

You are the princess in your ivory tower
From your Lofty heights you hold all the power
Self enforced solitude has made you sour
While those below are left to cower

You look down with nothing but disdain
The bodies and souls of those you’ve slain
You’re oblivious to the pain
You do it easily without a strain

It’s not just one, multiple bodies lie
Piled up and left to die
Yet in your tower you still defy
The truth is yours to deny

The abuse you’ve inflicted
I could never predicted
Of all the things I’ve been addicted
Nothing has left me so afflicted

If the hurt and pain was mine alone
If my blood was the only blood sown
Perhaps there would be less drone
But it’s the innocent victims for which you need to atone

For all the times we reached out only to be ignored
The chasm was created from a fjord
You refused to accept that you were adored
Your every wish we offered as a reward

You built your tower like your non de plume
Based around a fantasy world of gloom
You hid from the world and continued to fume
But you forgot to build more than one bedroom.

Alone you stand, and alone you could fall
A ladder up the tower you forgot to install
In stopping one from scaling the wall
You hurt the smallest ones of all


See SBDMB I told you it wasn’t rosy and full of unicorn farts
It’s kind of soppy and mushy and full of broken hearts
But so far at least no one’s lost any bodily parts
It’s something you’d expect from someone with a Bachelor of Arts

I forgot to add ‘fiction’ during the construct
Of this verse as I once may have instruct
But it’s not the first time my poems have sucked
If anyone gets offended they can go and get ……


  1. Sounds like princes is depressed.

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