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A fish dish is your wish

bad poetry

It’s time for a rhyme, a rhyme about Fish
It wont be a rhyme about a chafing dish
And it wont be a rhyme about a knish
I told you it will be a rhyme about a fish

I might make it a rhyme about a trout
But then I’d be tempted to ask you out
On a date and I would shout
But we wouldn’t be drinking any stout

Then again it might be about a groper
And on the date you could be a toper
You’d need to, to go out with this no hoper
I don’t even care that you’re an interloper

Maybe it should be about a barracuda
We could cover it in melted gouda
We could pretend we are in Bermuda
And you could pretend your not dating a buddah

I’m not going to name all the sea creatures
I’m not going to list all their features
I’m sick and tired of all the preachers
Come on a date with me we’ll sit in the bleachers


  1. Guess I’ll have to babble my crap right here on your site. And that’s the first time I’ve read those three words together! Btw, you do own a pooper scooper, don’t you?

    • Duelling crap babbling sounds like a new Olympic sport 🙂 Chances are if you babble I’ll babble back, I’m stupid that way and no I don’t own a pooper scooper I just let it pile up in the corner.

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