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A poem before bed.

bad poetry

Ok, so a little ditty before I go to bed
No story now but a poem instead
Maybe I’ll have some garlic bread
I know the missus will be seeing red
When there’s crumbs all through the bedspread

I might write something better tomorrow
Maybe a story about a game show
The game could be played in a meadow
The contestants all riding their own buffalo
Their prize for winning a shiny dildo

Ok for that last line I do apologise
There’s obviously a need to sanitise
Maybe even cauterise
My twisted brain needs to revise
Maybe it will happen before sunrise

From what I hear the prompt isn’t working
Maybe WordPress techs are busy twerking
At least I didn’t say they were jerking
But it’s hardly an example of good networking
When all the blame they seem to be shirking.

Lofty is a word I haven’t used
And as a prompt I am not amused
For reading this crap you’ll be excused
You might even be a little confused
But until tomorrow I’m going to be snoozed.


  1. Haha! I too am confused as to why they can’t get it together. My page is always so slow and lagging, prompt page doesn’t work half the time and oh the list goes on. Goodnight and dream of lofty heights. 😉

    • I haven’t checked to see whether the prompt is working again yet (getting kids up and fed for school and doing all the school runs takes priority on weekdays) but I agree, it’s frustrating and getting ridiculous. Not sure I found the lofty heights though, all I came up with was something bitchy 🙂

  2. No they never did fix it.
    Have a good Monday and perhaps you’ll work through the bitchy…Haha! 😀

  3. Not working but at least our posts show up on the page.

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