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Flaming poetry

bad poetry

I feel like I want to start another flame war
I know it’s something some people will deplore
But unless you want to take me to the dance floor
I think you’d better get ready for an uproar

I’ll start with some classic Yo’ Mama jokes
There is nothing like gags about old folks
To start a flame war with you blokes.
Or you could just buy me a packet of smokes

I’ll continue with some jokes about your intellect
I know you are too dumb to suspect
I mean you every disrespect
Sit back and wait for the flames to take effect

Ok even I’m getting sick of this diatribe
But I am willing to accept a bribe
If you’ll just describe
What it is you want me to scribe

I promise tomorrow I’ll leave my mark
I’ll write something with spark
But don’t be surprised if it’s stark
And just like my poetry very dark

Flames is a word that begs something wild
Maybe even something defiled
It wont be about any school child
Unless the little shit is getting exiled.

On myself I have put the pressure
To come up with a writing treasure
I can’t promise it will be fresher
But it might involve a thresher

Now leave me alone I’m going to snooze
Or you might become my flame muse
I’ll ignite you like a fuse
And sit back and drink my booze.


    • Haha I’m not sure I could write as hot as some but I can burn people at a stake 🙂

      • Are we talking barbecue or open fire! Either way, I like my steak rare 😉

        • I’ve been sitting here writing since about 6am and barbecue is one word for what I’ve written, just not sure if maybe I shouldn’t barbecue it so that it doesn’t ever see the light of day 🙂

          • Wow! Do u ever sleep?

            I say forget the barbie and have a potato 😉

            • Nah not often and since Mrs (larger number than I dare say) has decided that at 4am when Miss 4 visits the bedroom it’s a better idea to put her in our bed than her own I sleep even less. 🙂

              • Good call on not stating age 😉

                Oh yes, younger ages do equate to less sleep. I am now in teen faze, they sleep more- but now I have insomnia! I cannot win!

                • Both ours were sleeping great until the last round of colds and sneezes and now Miss 4 wont go to sleep and wont stay asleep, but the last few nights instead of waking up and calling us into the room to be tucked back in she comes in and climbs into bed. I’ve never liked co sleeping (the way I sleep I don’t seem to like sleeping in general) but it’s just another thing I never got a say in with number 2

  1. be careful you might blow up with having a flame and alcohol. lol

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