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A rant

So here we go again, another day missing from the reader. Suppose I shouldn’t bitch the prompt is working. But why is it so?

I know WordPress don’t read each and every post but even in the small circle I read on a daily basis there is more than a few complaints about the erratic performance of the reader and the prompts, (strangely enough the same complaints don’t seem to occur with the discover prompt). It’s an extremely common complaint that posts don’t appear in the prompt and it comes from as many wordpress hosted sights as it does self hosted. There has even been days where the total count of posts on the prompt page has barely reached 100. Again little is communicated from WP about this issue, although one day late in the day mysteriously a massive amount of posts popped in seemingly with no reasons as to where they had been hiding.

Ok so the prompt is not the be all and end all of blogging, it’s just a little bit of fun to get people writing, but does that mean it shouldn’t work properly? Given that the errors are not a case of black listing domains/IP addresses and given the randomness of who is getting caught and who isn’t it’s hard to see that these errors are not created by programmers, maybe knowingly, maybe not. Either way it’s becoming a terrible joke, and a joke that doesn’t have a punch line.

So now I move onto the reader. It could be argued that the prompt is not that important to blogging, but if WordPress want to provide a system that allows all bloggers to share their stuff it’s hard to argue that the Reader is not an important part. So why does it not work properly?

As stated at the top I’m not even in the reader at the moment and haven’t been for four days, but that’s not a huge concern because most days the reader doesn’t even load for me. The behaviour of the reader is so annoying I’ve reverted to email alerts for the select few sites I read regularly to make sure I know when they have posted. At least email alerts seem reliable.

But this isn’t the only complaints with the reader. Several of the people I read daily have complained that posting comments from within the reader don’t work, some even work randomly. I’ve never read posts in the reader, even when it did work properly, I prefer to visit the site and therefore haven’t noticed the problem but from reports it happens randomly on different sites at different times. The logged in user posts a comment and the comment never appears on the blog of the person they were reading. The same thing does not appear to happen from the users blog. Likes also suffer the same random fate, work randomly from the reader, now considering the blog community is based on giving people likes to increase the warm and fuzzy feeling it seems odd that the program writers are happy for this function to only work a portion of the time..

I know WordPress support channels aren’t overly helpful, even less helpful for self hosted sites where the standard response seems to be “it’s not our problem it’s your host.” About as helpful as your car dealer telling you it’s not their fault your engine blew up because the road had a pot hole in it. I also know that many people have given up complaining, a simple google search of these problems show that they have been happening for more than five years and every question posed on the support forums is ended abruptly, very few are actually solved.

And don’t get me started on Jetpack and their support channels, you’re better off ringing your bank manager and asking him to preform brain surgery.

Ok so this is mostly a rant because I really don’t think they want to fix the problems. But it’s also a shout out to people who I follow. If I haven’t read/commented on your posts for a while it’s more than likely because I don’t know you are posting because the reader is so hit and miss.

I wonder if I have missed anything important?

And just for the sake of it there is one word missing from this post deliberately no guesses as to what it is. 


  1. I hear you.

    Frustrating issues. last response I had after repeat enquiries re the daily prompt was that responses were being filtered into WordPress spam.

    A bit bizarre.



    • I can accept the spam filter catches things, just like I can accept that sites can be blacklisted (without reason) but I can’t accept the randomness of the issue because that makes it look deliberate, or at very least the mistake of a programmer.

  2. It only takes five tries to leave a comment on your site. But I receive your posts in email. Glad of that! At least I know I’m not the only one having problems. I have one spam person and they show up of course.

  3. Oh, I never see your posts in the Reader!

  4. So if I want to reply, I go to your site. Where do I find the spam checker? I only spam one person who of course always shows up in the comments! Murphy’s law?

    • My site has a 99% uptime guarantee (which is sales hype) but should mean you get at least one comment to happen. 🙂

      Not sure if WP hosted sites come with it but one of the addons for WP is Askimet and that does a pretty good job of stopping spam.

  5. I just tried to reply with the below and (2nd time now I think) got a ‘reply failed message’.

    ….Yes, it starts to feel a bit personal.

    I’ll watch what happens from here. Surely it needs to be addressed at some point (although not going by evidence to date, I guess)…

    • My bet is that they will blame my server. The problem arises when people can leave messages from the site itself with no issues and the only time issue arise is when they do it from the reader. When I had issues with Jetpack not working the WP/Jetpack team spent three weeks blaming my server and saying it was all a server level problem, conveniently ignoring the 400 times I told them that I maintain 3 other sites off the same server that never suffered the same problem. Of each of those sites the errors with the reader and the prompt never occur at the same time (i.e one site can be seen in the prompt the other one can’t)

  6. I have been seeing that happen too…Weird..

    • I’m glad we aren’t the only ones, I was sure with my millions (hehe) of followers there would be a few who were suffering.

      Everyone should write a rant post, if only WP read the prompt responses 🙂

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