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Vegetal is a stupid word

bad poetry

I didn’t want to use Vegetal in a story,
So I made up a poem oh so gory,
Some might think it was nugatory,
Or maybe that it belonged in a lavatory,
For one person it was a memento mori.

I really don’t care about an internet troll.
Because I’d rather eat a nice hot chicko roll,
Than worry about a spineless blow hole,
Who at the right time no one will condole.
You should have been stopped as a tadpole


Stopped as a tadpole? What the hell is that?
You’re about as poetic as a coir door mat.
You should try being more of a diplomat,
Instead of practising all this tit for tat.
Did you know the tiger is a cat?

The daily prompt may be coming in late,
And the brain may not want to activate.
But there really is no reason for this hate,
Especially not when it’s little more than prate,
Give the fans a story and don’t make it irate


Oh look, you’re about to get a hole in your head
This Black and Decker drill I’m about to embed.
It will tear out your hair leaving you a skinhead.
Your face will be red from all the blood shed.
Now leave me alone I’m going to bed.


  1. So you didn’t know this word either.

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