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bad poetry

So another night of sitting up late
For the wordpress prompt I do wait
With the hope that one day it will be great
Now they want me to write about an OR gate

A digital logic gate that implements logical disjunction
It’s bloody hard it is to find a rhyme for disjunction
I could probably use a word like function
Or just go easy and throw out non-disjuntion.

Tomorrow night we can discuss the AND gate
I can tell you know it’s going to be real great
After that we’ll investigate the NOR gate
The discussion there will be first rate

And for sure lets not forget the NOT gate
For that talk you might want to bring a hot date
And then there is a NAND date
Not I didn’t say man date

In the last section we’ll party with the XOR gate
Come on now don’t be such a lightweight
Bet you can wait till we get to the XNOR gate
By then you’ll want to kill me with an ice skate.

This is the ode to logic gates
It’s got nothing to do with floodgates
Boolean algebra can be your best mate
Aren’t you glad the prompt was about the OR gate.


  1. Agreed, are they running out of good words “or” such? LOL!

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