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Double Crossed Again.

bad poetry

I want to snap your scrawny spine
A closer description it maybe a chine
I’ll remove you from your own bloodline
Drink your blood like Vegetal wine

You’ve double crossed me for the last time
It’s the biggest mistake of your lifetime
The end of your life will be a pantomime
Like it or not it’s now showtime

You had no idea you were played from the start
Your inflated ego no match for a cold dead heart
You’ll never be anybody’s sweatheart
You’re breath just smells like a stale old fart

Desperate for attention you reach out again
I’ll leave you as nothing more than a bloodstain
You crossed over again into my domain
Now you will feel the meaning of pain

Death is too good for a mole like you
I’ll remove your eyes with a corkscrew
Left hanging on the wall like a statue
I’ll be sure to remove all of your tissue

The entire world will be glad you are dead
The wall to which you are pinned now your deathbed
I’ll snap your neck and leave you like a salmon bled
You should have left me alone you stupid inbred


  1. EEK! Wouldn’t want to be this person 😉

  2. Sure, blame it on the prompt

  3. How come the smileys never show up, and I get the tongue? Unfair. As my three year old niece said, you’re being a poor sport! ; p

    • I have no idea, if I use them I only ever do 🙂 or 😛 and they show up how they show up.

      I might give you the tongue but at least I don’t swear, sheesh fancy saying the word sport even if it is poor 😛

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