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My response to the Weekly Discovery challenge.

For this challenge, pick a number that will inspire and shape the format of your post.


Funny, lively and as cute as a button
On the day you were born I did grutton
Unjaded you are and so full of beans you be
Regal Miss Four I’ll always be your devotee

Feisty and fiery you are my Miss Eight
Oh no I’ll never forget your birth date
Upwards you’re headed, you’ll get the top score
Remember forever that it’s you I adore

Fantastic and fabulous you are my wife
Outta my mind I didn’t mean to ruin ya life
Unique, Uncommon, and solitary
Resplendent forever I’m your devotee

Family we are, we add up to four
Overfull house no room for more
Unkempt I might be, less style than a smurf
Relentlessly for all three I am just a serf


  1. The wonder life of being a Dad.

  2. I comment on the Reader, but they don’t get through. So if it ever does, I repeat. Enjoy the numbers while they’re small. They grow too quickly! ☺️

    • Even the first 8 years has gone so fast. I have a bad memory to begin with but I have forgotten so much of those 8 years. The problem with having such a bad memory is that people don’t always want to fill it in, they just assume it’s a deliberate action to forget.

      I’ve nearly given up on the reader. It barely works for me. I haven’t appeared in my own reader for 2 days. I turned email responses on for the people I want to read every day and use those then just visit the others when I have time.

  3. I love when you get sentimental- you should do it more often 😉 Parenting is the best and worst all rolled up into one!

    • Yeah the problem is that the mood for dark occurs a lot more. And with prompts coming in at midnight here the brain really is dark.

      I also have to be careful with sentimental. For every sentimental piece I write I have to take a smack to the head. Three if it’s a long piece. 🙂

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