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One Word prompt?

How is second thoughts a one word prompt?
It really seems like wordpress needs to be whomped
From posts not appearing
To bad web engineering
It’s almost a curse
That is getting worse.


Oh geez he’s back
The guy must be on crack
His sleepless rambles
Nothing but a shambles
If I have to keep reading his crap
I’m going to break his kneecap

The two faced dribble
Little more than scribble
The communications abuse
Just proves there’s a screw loose
Brainless you are
Sit on a crowbar


Stop being so mean
To our muse and our queen
Your words really are out of control
More than some unknown little troll
So cut with the spice
And try to be nice


I can’t be nice
I tried it twice


Then get back in your place
And shuddupa ya face!


You will both shut ya yap
Or I’ll give you a slap
I’ll wipe off those smirks
It’s one of the perks
Neither of you have a chance
I’m going to win this here dance.

Thats right, I too can rhyme
Make words to a chime
These prompts may come in late
But I wont be your bait
I’ll kill you each morning
Without any warning,

The Midnight Cowboy is back
So stop talking such smack
Don’t try forcing my hand
Because my revenge has been planned

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