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Hyperbole: a poem

bad poetry

The prompt is now Hyperbole
Maybe I’ll make you an amputee
With the swift swing of my machete
One less limb you’ll bring to tea

Without your arm we could still dance
We could share some love and romance
It really could be love at first glance
Do you really need two arms, perchance?

Your other arm could be disconnected
I doubt you bullshit dribble will be effected
You’re not very well respected
No has yet objected

Your left leg comes off at the waist
It could be done with such haste
The useless lump of meat I would misplace
How funny would it then be to see you chased.

I’d leave your right leg a bloody stump
You’d really look like a frump
Slower than Forrest Gump
And as dumb as Donald Trump

That only leaves your skull
And you are already very dull
It really is just a hull
It should be shit on by a seagull

It would be funny to see you limbless
You wont have to worry about your fitness
And you’d definitely not be vicious
But I’d buy you a hat for christmas


  1. I’m afraid to say anything disagreeable!

    • Never be afraid to speak your mind, screw what others think 🙂

      After all stupid wordpress spam checker didn’t care what you thought when it dumped this comment in the spam folder.

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