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Darkness Descends the poet

bad poetry

You two faced little bitch
You had to scratch the itch
Each side you had to switch
You’ll end up in a ditch

You couldn’t keep your distance
Now through your persistence
And this sickening insistence
All we smell is the stink of your existence

Between your ears is just dead space
An unstable twisted place
Your mind is a disgrace
On shit your thoughts are based

The words upon the page you write
Should never see daylight
Your arse I should ignite
And remove you from this fight

A knife in the heart too good
You’ve believed a great falsehood
Something you never really should
I’d like to erase your childhood

Your tongue I shall remove
She’ll probably not approve
I’ve got nothing left to prove
For me this is behoove

On the floor you blood will drip
Your barbed words people will skip
You’ve pulled your last guilt trip
You’re skin I will unzip

On the floor I’ll leave you screaming
I’ll be positively gleaming
There will be no more scheming
And no fucking redeeming

Your last breath is mine to take
The hardest will be your last intake
Your actions as low as a bloody snake
If only you foresaw your silly little mistake

You betrayed me based on lies
A cunning bullshit disguise
That was so unwise
Now enjoy your demise


  1. Uh, feeling a little disappointed lately? Vengeful, violent? Where’s the truck driver?

  2. An outburst of words in anger.

  3. Dark! I can think of a person or two I’d like to use these words on though 😉

  4. Really liking these, twisted

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