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A cough remedy

bad poetry

In the middle of the night while you’re coughing up a lung
It reminded me we needed to get the tennis racquet restrung
Again you will noticed I haven’t rhymed with well hung
Oops I didn’t mean that it was a slip of tongue

Your loud coughing was so raspy and throaty
The boofheads thought they’d heard a coyote
I started wondering if I should grow a goatee
But then I decided I would be your Don Quixote

I could do very little to stop you cough and hack
It sounded like you were trying to dislodge a plaque
I’d have done anything I could to stop that soundtrack
From a gentle soft rub to a pat on the back

Those big green gooey globs of phelgm
Must have really been causing you mayhem
They must have hurt all the way to your brain stem
Did you know the US has a town name Bethlehem?

What you coughed up in that tissue
Was thick enough to make beef stew
If it was ground with some cashew
You could use it as shampoo

As the coughing got louder
I could not have been prouder
If you’d added curry powder
We could have had chowder

Your throat I though you were trying to slaughter
What kept coming out must have been as rough as white water
I was glad your coughing didn’t wake up our daughter
Although you did sound much better after a big glass of water

When you finally fell back into the land of nod
I decided it was safe to call off the vice squad
Maybe we could travel to the resort of Cape Cod
It could happen if only I wasn’t such a tightwad

As I listened to you snooze
Your blocked nose it did ooze
You are still my muse
No matter how much I schmooze

With words so Sincere
They could never be unclear
It’s not a veneer
It’s all love and cheer

So don’t be a cow
Read them right now
Don’t be a sow
Or I’ll throw you in the lough

You can believe them or not
Just don’t be a snot
I may not be hot
But you’re loved by a …..


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