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Bludgeoning poem

bad poetry

As you Bludgeon me to death
Reciting your own shibboleth
You’re not even out of breath
Are you sure you’re not on Meth?

As we lay in our bed of marriage
Or sit in our horse drawn carriage
All you seem to do is disparage
Why is it you want to end our parage?

All I do is love and adore
Then we started the great war
When all we did before
Was bang like a dunny door.

For every mistake I am repenting
After every comment you’re dissenting
Time after time you are inventing
Arguments that are fermenting

You might pretend to be a churchgoer
But you’re a dope smoker and a grower
I’m going to run over you with the mower
Then get rid of you with the leaf blower

So if you really have the thirst
And you want to kill me first
It’s gonna have to be rehearsed
Because I’ve got you under a curse

These kinky games we play
While listening to reggae
Should be preformed in cabaret
Each and everyday

It’s because of the love we share
That we can have all this warfare
And not live in any despair
Maybe we should put the kids in daycare.

With the kids out of the house
You can dress up like a grouse
I’ll dress up as a mouse
And not as your loving spouse

Our love for ever shown
Everyday it has just grown
Explosive and fully blown
How I love to hear you groan

I think you’re so darn clever
When it’s me you dissever
I don’t mind what it is you sever
I will be loving you forever


  1. wow! i love it, i love the humor in it and the truth, i would love to reblog this…without being a copycat.

    • Truth? I’m not admitting to any truth in poetry.

      Not only would the men in white coats be putting me in a cell with padded walls but if my wife ever read my blog she’d play out every scene.

      There is no truth 😛

      It’s really not worth reblogging is it?

  2. i geuss not, i was really talking about the truth about love or rather relationships. the more you fight the more you love, it is no one speaks the the trouble begins, and relax, really i wont reblog it. after all i know how you feel about rebloggers, lol

    • I agree no one wins when there is silence. I am an idiot and probably an idiot in love but that doesn’t change the fact that I probably should be put in that padded room, But I would request a double suite 🙂

      I love rebloggers who love reblog my crap (Although I don’t think anyone has reblogged this blog). I just don’t believe there is a benefit to either person. I also don’t think my crap is worth reblogging but that’s because it’s mine.

  3. i suppose i would feel the same way. I don’t think you are crazy at all, we have to express ourselves or we would go crazy. A publishing house recently rejected my anthology and i know why, it was too dark and i knew it was too, but that is my truth, i want to share it. Your stuff is great, it’s very Eminem.

    • I agree, I should have expressed myself in stupid blogs 15 years ago but back then the world of blogging was a different thing, and I wouldn’t have done it back then anyway. I had my first written novel rejected a number times, enough times to give up trying, length and darkness was a big reason for it. publishers didn’t want dark horrific scenes. I’ve got another book getting edited at the moment which is even darker but the editor is looking at ways to make it more publisher friendly without losing the darkness.

  4. Cynics! the world is already a dark place, but where i live( which is currently the highest crime rate capital, i think) people live in denile and would probably shun me, south africa is so conservative. But that won’t stop me from finishing my book, it has covens and The order in it, and if they wont publish i’ll find someone else. i would love to read your book when it’s done.

    • I’ve got two books finished both are pretty much revenge novels. I know the first one I wrote wasn’t up to a standard needed to be published, it’s subject matter also didn’t help and I went into a bit of a whoa is me slump when it got rejected by about 15 different publishers. Since then I have written another book and it is better than the first. Where it goes from the editor I don’t know yet. I finally got around to starting my latest on today, it’s been in the plotting stage for about 2 months.

  5. Ok. What is it about? You should put it on amazon when it’s done. I’ve been working on my plot for a year now, i still use pen to paper, i know what the story is i just haven’t decided how it’s going to end yet and being rejected only means that we are writers.

    • The one with the editor at the moment is straight out revenge, a life for a life with a hunt and period of extreme torture across the Aussie outback.

      I may go the amazon path with this book I’m not sure yet, I’ll wait to get it back from the editor.

      My plot got a kick along into words on a page today purely because I got pissed off with something on the news and I decided to make it a scene in the book.

  6. sounds riviting, can’t wait to read it. i haven’t even blogged today, lol. We’ve been talking all morning, and if i want to read that book i’ll have to let you finish it.

    • Took a lot of research to get the torture scenes right. It was actually a fun write but it came at a bit of a personal cost because I spent too long writing it and not enough time remembering I had a life before it.

      It’s all afternoon here 🙂 and in that time I’ve picked number 1 up from school, mowed the grass, had dinner and put two kids to bed. Now I’m about to sit in front of the tv and decided whether to write for blog or for blockhead.

  7. yeah, it makes one space out sometimes. you’ve been busy, good luck with your writing today, knock em dead, lol

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