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A sincere poem with no pain

bad poetry

I’ll rub the soles of both your feet
I’m telling you I’ll never cheat
Maybe we could get a suite
And get a little dirty under the sheet

If I ran my tongue along your shin
While we’re listening to Mortal Sin
It would send tingles through your skin
And throw your mind into a tailspin

I’d be happy to lick your kneecap
Even in a frosty cold snap
Some might think I’m a mad cap
In golf I always end up in the sand trap

I’ve always wanted to tickle your thigh
But I just can’t do it, I’d probably cry
If I found the courage I’d definitely try
Maybe we could attempt it in July

My arms I could wrap about your waist
It would be done without any haste
Of course I am innocent and chaste
And I promise you it would be in good taste

I went outside to cut the grass
It’s a task I wish I could bypass
I’d rather walk on rough cut glass
Notice I didn’t refer to your cute arse?

If I could just blurt that lovely warm belly
I know it would wobble like a plate of cold jelly
It would be nothing like eating vermicelli
But I could do it in front of the telly

I’d be in heaven with my head on your chest
Yes I know they’re not a head rest
But in such a position I know I’d be blessed
Notice I didn’t suggest I’d motorboat your breast

From your chest I would surely go all low-tech
I’d be as old school as an old cassette deck
The only way you could stop me is to wear a turtleneck
Cause I’d pop out my tongue and gently caress your sweet neck

I’ll be your own buccaneer
I’ll lick and nibble your ear
But you might overhear
Me reciting Shakespeare

Just like your hips
I could caress your lips
I’d be doing back flips
How about fish and chips

Your cute little nose
I’d never oppose
Something arose
The first time I got close

Those beautiful dark eyes
Are not a disguise
They never tell lies
You are so damn wise

Your now short cut hair
Cut beautifully with care
I know you’re aware
It just makes me stare

These words are Sincere
They are meant to bring cheer
They might be austere
But they are penned for you dear.


  1. lick your kneecap, loved it!

  2. Advaita

    That was romantic 🙂
    To be honest and cute and quirky…
    Hilarious post accompanied by the graveyard pic hahaha

    Please go thru my blog and give me feedback so that i feel like writing more 🙂

    Advaita ..

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