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The Poet doesn’t take a hint

bad poetry

Driven by pure dudgeon
It is me you will Bludgeon
With the tail of a grudgeon
Because I’m a curmudgeon

My head you seek to remove
My thoughts you don’t approve
Because you think they are behoove
C’mon make your opening move

You’re gonna want to be quick
Or I’ll stab you with ya broomstick
There ain’t no room for a peacenik
Come here and I’ll give you a face lick

You’re not going to stab me with that egg flip
Not after 15 years of courtship
This aint no bloody guilt trip
You just don’t want to break the kinship

With you I did engender
It was all so very tender
Yet now you hold the blender
And you think you’re a contender

You’re heading for heartbreak
If you kill me it’s a mistake
How about I make a cheesecake
Or would you prefer a milkshake?

So now you’ve got the toaster
I’ll take a photo and make a poster
Your are my favourite roaster
Can I take you on a roller coaster

Please don’t hit me with that pillow
It’s where I keep my armadillo
He came all the way from Amarillo
If he’s dead we can make picadillo

Put down that bloody chainsaw
You wont be making coleslaw
On turning me into a jigsaw
Lets go and play on the seesaw

We really need to stop all this bloodshed
We didn’t do it when we were newly wed
Back then we’d eat white bread
While snuggled up in bed.

So it’s with you I call a truce
Can you please untie the noose
You know I love all the abuse
You’ve got a nice caboose


  1. 🙂 Somehow this poem fits this morning.

    • Thanks. It does surprise me when people say that. I do put a bit of effort into writing them but the are essentially just huge brain farts and by the time I get to the end of them and read them back I’m hesitant to release some of them 🙂

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