Hush little darling, your eyes are all blurred
Hubby’s not going to repeat what he heard

And if what that man just heard is true
Hubby’s gonna end up in very deep poo

There is no chance that poo wont stink
So Hubby will grow you a rose so pink

And if that pink is much too bright
Hubby’ll be tied to a flying kite

And if that flying kite wont soar
Hubby will dive bomb into the store

And if that store does sell some bling
Hubby’ll steal you a diamond ring

And if that diamond ring don’t shine
Hubby’ll end up with a broken spine

And a broken spine will make me teary
Which means I’ve now got a rhyme for eerie

But now I’ve used eerie I really am screwed
For copyright infringement I might be sued.

And If being sued makes me lose everything
Hubby will be selling that diamond ring.

And if that diamond ring don’t sell
Hubby’ll probably end up in hell

And when in hell if I get all frisky
Dammit I should have just bought you that Canadian Whiskey.