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My reasons not to NaNoWriMo 2016

bad poetry

I’ve been asked by few, with nothing but praise
Why it is I wont write a novel in a thirty days
Well the answer is threefold
And here it shall be told

I have nothing but respect
For those undertaking the project
But for me the word count
Is not a high enough amount
My stories use more words
I’d have to cut them by two thirds

Another reason for my resistance
Is because of the set distance
A distance of four weeks
Doesn’t suit my techniques
Writing without review
For me is just askew
But for those that can conceive it
I really hope that you achieve it

But the reason I’m not so pliant
And it really is quite giant
My last effort with such guidelines
Such constraints and such confines
Saw me getting so consumed
The world around me just resumed
As I just kept a writing
The world I wasn’t sighting
But surely the biggest reek
Was that for me they didn’t seek

So for those about to type
Don’t get caught up in the hype
Write and write and write
But don’t forget you have a life
It’s worth it to remember
You can finish it in December
It’s not a failure if you don’t complete
Or the word count you don’t meet
Failure is only reached
If your family life is breached

These words should not offend
Those of you about to ascend
Into a month of solid writing
If that is what you find exciting
I wish you all good luck
And that none of you get stuck


  1. I only write when I want to.

    • Yeah I no longer put deadlines on anything. I might write a prompt or two every day but they are short and quick. I put too many deadlines on my last novel writing experience and the cost was too high so I wont do it again.

  2. I wouldn’t think you would do it since you are a poet now. lol


      Strangely enough I was thinking about that when I wrote it. There is no rules but what if someone wrote a 50K word poem.

      It was about then I realised I really should just stop thinking.

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