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Horror has a new home!

Ok so before the clock strikes midnight and ends Halloween for another year I decided I would write one of the most horrific and scary things I have ever written.
This is not the sort of thing you should read before you go to bed
It’s not the sort of thing you should read with the lights out.
In fact just leave now or your Halloween will never been the same.
Hopefully the writer will return tomorrow.

I warned you!

I honestly warned you, this is horrific

It’s true don’t keep reading


When you’re felling kinda shit.
Under the weather or just unfit
When you’re feeling really sick
And maybe just a little anemic

Those times when you’re hung over and feeling just like crap
And your throat tastes like a camel herders well worn jockstrap
There is so very little I can do
But hold your hair back as you spew

No matter how much you cry
The only thing I can do is try
To let you know that I am there
With all the love I can declare

These words are free from sneers
But I know they’re falling on deaf ears
You gave up reading my scribble
You think it’s all just dribble

I’ve got more chance of learning to juggle
Than getting a congratulatory cuddle
For being a sweet talker
You think that I’m a stalker

They say writing poetry is romantic
Yet all you think is that I’m pedantic
If I wanted to be squashed like a bug
I’d offer you a nice warm hug

Of course you would think it’s kind of eerie
But tending to your every whim is my theory
It is really no disgrace
I’m just here for an embrace

I’d like nothing more than to hold you
But you’d prefer to slap me with ya sand shoe
So this cold you’ll have to suffer
Alone like a silly duffer

Whether you like it or you don’t
A changin’ I just wont
So next time you get the flu
I’ll still be happy to hold you


  1. OMG, I’m dying laughing!!!

  2. Haha 😀 Oh, we all have those times…

    Just thee other day I may or may not have yelled at a random stranger that was annoying me, in public… :O 😉

  3. Oh, I’ve been paying for long term residency there… we must have missed each other! 😉

  4. Haha! What a great way to describe and awful feeling, “And your throat tastes like a camel herders well worn jockstrap.” Your bad poetry series always brings a smile to my face! I like them!

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