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Eerie Eerie and more Eerie

Ok so what is Eerie?

Anyone remember the movie Black Dog with Patrick Swazye and Randy Travis? The theory behind the movie is that when a truck driver has been on the road too long, pushing too hard the last thing they see is a black dog in front of the truck. They say the black dog is there to take everything away. I’ve never seen a black dog but I have seen countless animals and things that are not there.

I don’t believe there was a black dog chasing me, (if there was he didn’t catch me) but there would have been too many times I saw something run across the road in front of the truck and it wasn’t there. Sometimes it was there, but there were so many times I just wasn’t sure. One thing I did know is that when it was real it was usually followed by a thump or a crash.


Walking around in the dark, even when your suppose to be in a shop is eerie. You hear noises and wonder what they are, you see reflections of light on things and because you don’t see the place in daylight you have no idea what it could be. Each and every time those things happen you feel a shiver up your spine. And the reason I say it’s a shiver is because if you let it be any more than a shiver you wouldn’t be able to do the job.

I’ve been alarmed by cats, dogs, and the freakiest one was a rat that was as big as a cat, but not the cat in the hat (shuddup poet). It’s always nice knowing you have company when you’re walking around in the dark delivering bread but an 18 inch rat on the bread stand is not really the kind of company I like to keep.

Still the worse experience I have had in the darkness of a store was the day I unlocked the door, walked in, through the store room where there was no lights. The only light was the glow of the coke fridge coming through the doorway I had to go through once I turned the alarm off. I went to turn the alarm off and it was already off, not a big drama some times store owners would forget to turn them on. So into the main part of the store I go, the splash of light in my eyes which after coming from darkness weren’t working that well. I’m three steps into the store when I hear a voice say

“What do you think you’re doing?”

I don’t think I hit the roof but it must have been close. Once I landed and picked myself up I turned to see the local Constable. There was a reported break in at the shop and he was checking it out. I didn’t see his car because he was parked at the front with his lights out. But that rotten bastard knew I was there and exactly who I was. Ok that was more scary that eerie but it was an eerie coincidence that the police station didn’t get their weekly donation of bread from me that week!


Perhaps the eeriest thing I ever came across as a truck driver is listening to the song Boy in the Aerodyne by Travis Sinclair at 3am. After a quick search I could find the lyrics so I’ll give you a basic run down. Areodyne is a style of truck made by Kenworth. Boy is a young male 🙂

A truck driver doing the long haul at night is struggling to stay awake at the very point where he’s about to fall asleep he looks over in the passenger seat and a little boy is sitting there urging him to slow the truck down because something is about to break. The driver wakes and stops the truck when the problem occurs. The boy died in the truck with the first owner and his ghost is there to stop drivers falling asleep at the wheel. I don’t do the word justice by explaining it like that but It’s a similar story to that of the black dog but the little boy is there to save the sleeping driver not take everything away.

The song itself is eerie, but at 3am, in a truck by yourself when you know every word to the song it’s beyond eerie. I never saw a boy in the passenger seat (perhaps because I had my truck from new and no one died in it) but I would be lying if I sat here now and said I didn’t look. I looked more times than I can count, sometimes I looked multiple times during the song. It wasn’t like I was expecting to see the boy (and I wasn’t driving an Aerodyne) but each and every time I looked at that seat!

I often wonder what would have happened on the day I did see a boy in the passenger seat.

For those interested here is the song.


  1. I get scarred SO easily! I would just die right on the spot from fright. Crazy coke machine story!! EEK!

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