Why don’t you take a long walk off a short Bridge
It’s pier that you’re after now move over a smidge
Why don’t you go and play in a graphic
Maybe you should try and play in the traffic
Leave me alone and go jump in a cake
Are you even trying? You jump in a lake
Just shuttup and stick your head in a muffin
A moron you are, You put your head in an oven
Go and live on the wrong end of a wiring change
It’s go and stand at the wrong end of a firing range

Now you are just cloying
And you’re mistakes are annoying
The problem’s not mine
No, your perfectly fine
And you’re correct in your guess
Your head is really a mess
It seems all you do is throw insults and abuse
Well it’s pretty easy to do when you act like a goose

You’re lower than steak’s jelly
It’s a bloody snake’s belly
I’ve had enough I can’t win with someone so good at prose
And if brains were dynamite you couldn’t blow your nose.