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Dead Poets Society

bad poetry

The Muse:
Build a bridge and get over it, she said
For if you don’t there will be bloodshed
I’ll rip off your bloody arm
Causing you most harm
I’ll break your legs at the knees
You will fold like sliced cheese
I’ll snap each one of your toes
Now how’s your bloody prose?

I’ll snap your tibia and tear out your shins
This is the price you will pay for your sins
I’ll smash each of your kneecaps
And laugh heartily as you collapse.
With my sharp silver knife I’ll slice out your gullet
You’ll be left flapping like a half dead mullet.
I’m going to cut out your throat
Because of what you wrote.

I’ll pull off your ears
Just to see your tears
Smash in your skull
The thud will be dull
When I finally rip out your spine
Your blood shall flow into my stein
I’ll will drink it on ice
And not think twice

The Poet:
What did I do to deserve all this attack?
Could this all be just some sadistic payback?
For the poetry I wrote
Where all I did was gloat
About having a woman so sweet
The hottest girl in the street
Thank god I didn’t stress
How big her bum looked in that dress.


  1. Why the poet drew so much ire? He didn’t write anything awful. He didn’t write anything useful also.

  2. Rugby843

    Hope you have casualty insurance. If I was her, you’d need it!

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