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A poem not about giants

bad poetry

On you I was once reliant
You were my gentle Giant
A hundred foot high
Forever touching the sky
But you’re a clumsy old fool
You tripped and fell in the pool

These poems make no sense
Although they prove I am dense
My brain keep complaining
Interest it keeps feigning

I’ve got no stories to write
No stories that fright
No stories with thrills
No stories with kills
No stories with laughs
Or even giraffes

Today it’s Halloween
And I’m stuck in between
Writing this damn scrawl
Or bloody nothing at all

It’s now well past midnight
And I’ve got nothing to rewrite
I’ve got no words to create
A tale that’s first rate
So with nothing but dread
I’m going to bed.


  1. Haha…or even giraffes 😉 The ultimate writer’s block?

  2. sleep and maybe you’ll get new ideas to put on paper…..

  3. Rugby843

    Still love the tombstone

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