Ok so I’m still stuck in this stupid poetry cycle, whenever I sit down to write for the prompt all I think of is rhyming words. Part of the reason this is so annoying is because up until a few weeks back I couldn’t write a poem, now I can’t write anything but bloody poems. I must admit I’m surprised (and flattered) by the reaction some of them are getting but I want to write a story or two. So today in my attempt to kill the poet I took some of the words of the song I Was Born To Sing Your Song by Roger Daltrey and tried to write a short story that fitted them. Hopefully the poet got his fix by reading someone elses rhyming words and the story teller kicked him while he was busy. If this doesn’t work tonight’s prompt better be a word with very little rhyme-ability like Orange!


Looking across the table I can see you nearing the end of your book. I have been watching you long enough to know something is not right. It’s the same look you get when you are watching TV, the same look you get when you run out of chocolate and the same look you get when your coffee cup is empty. It doesn’t seem to matter what it is these days, every little thing can bring you close to tears.

After so many years on this earth you seem to think that your dreams have all faded. But if you wipe away those tears that have been blinding your sight you’ll realise something important. Your dreams have not faded, they haven’t even dimmed, they’ve just been replaced with something new. How do I know this? ‘Cause I’m walking behind you admiring every move that you make.

I can’t open my mouth and say something nice, I can’t even offer you a shoulder to cry on because every action I make brings you close to tears. In the music of your life I always seem to get the tune wrong. But that’s nothing when it comes to the book of your life in which I continually seem to rearrange and make into a horror story. While none of this is done consciously it always seems my mistakes are exposed bringing you closer to tears.

If only you could see through those tears that are blinding your eyes. If only you could think past those detrimental thoughts in your head. If only you could see that your dreams have not faded. If only you could see that new dreams can be made. If only you could see I was made to write you book, then maybe you could also see that I was born just to sing your song.


Just for reference below are the words to the Roger Daltry song.

Every little thing, can bring you close to tears
And maybe
Your every little dream has faded with the years
But don’t let your tear drops blind you
Cause I’m walking right behind you now

I was born to sing your song
And if sometimes the tune sounds wrong
I’ll change it, rearrange it all.

I was made to write your book
Say the words that lovers, took away
I was born to sing your song.