Ok so last week I ran with

“Am I stuck?”
“No Officer I’m not stuck.”
“What am I doing?”
“Urgent delivery.”
“NO I’m not stuck I was delivering the bridge and I got lost!”

As a response Urgent.

I also made reference to a wee misjudgement of our own one day where we cut a four inch furrow into the underside of a railway bridge. Here’s what actually happened.

The truck was a 1979 International ACCO 3070 with a log jinker on the back. She was an old girl and she’d had a hard life but she was reliable and rarely let us down (although our stupidity often did). So the day before the bridge incident we were adjusting the log jinker so that when it folded up onto the tractor the steel bar that hung over the cabin didn’t rub on the head board behind the cabin. Nothing worse that steel on steel rubbing and clanging on every bump.

So our solution was to add a solid rubber block where the steel bar and head board rubbed, simple solution, simple job once done we didn’t even think about it again. The following day we ran 8 loads of hardwood into the saw mill and the only problem we ran into was the wipers not working when it started raining because we’d used the fuses in the air conditioner. So after a 14 hour day it wasn’t surprising that we didn’t think of the new rubber block when we went under the via duct that we’d driven under a thousand times before.

Sure enough that one rubber block made all the difference as down the dip in the road we went and the next thing we heard was a scraping sound and the truck jolted. Being responsible motorists the first thing we did was of course stop, the second thing we did was lean out the windows and look up. The third thing we did was say, “Oh well shit happens.”

Then in a standing position with most of my body out the window and hands on the steering wheel we just drove straight out the other side leaving the bridge with a furrow as wide as the steel bar of the log jinker in it from one side to the other.

That happened about 20 years ago, today the truck is still running, the rubber block is still in place and the bridge is also still standing with the 4 inch furrow exactly where we left it.