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You’re invited to a BBQ

Yesterday I asked to be banned because for some reason I’m stuck in this weird poetry cycle and no real stories are being written.

Well no one listened, I’m still here and stories have again made way for crappy poetry. I honestly don’t know why my brain is stuck in this poetry cycle given that two weeks ago I couldn’t write a poem to save myself. (Actually reading this I’m still not sure I can save myself).

So here it is another poem written for all those men out there who can’t write poetry but really do want something to give the women who mean so much to them. Dedicate it to your loved one today 🙂

When I woke this morning, our hands they were entwined
You were sound asleep and I nearly lost my mind.
Sanity almost gone with such a simple embrace
I lost it completely when you rubbed me against your face.
Your soft warm cheek it did caress
Each of my fingers nonetheless
Awake I thought for sure,
Then you let out a little snore
There was no doubting you were asleep
But my hand next to your face you did keep
Held against your face so tight
A touch never felt so right
Seconds felt like hours
I summoned all my powers
Wishing you’d hold me there forever
Making sure I’d wake you never
Then as if you saw my dream
You rolled over to be mean
Left me staring at the roof
Like a stupid bloody goof
The sun refused to shine
And I fell off my cloud nine.

It was such a simple touch
But it meant so bloody much
I love you all the way to the moon
But you’re happy to leave me strewn
Like a broken twisted mess
A discarded piece from chess
Yet another punch in the face
I’m nothing but null space
You are now facing the door
And again you’ve started to snore.
You’ve drifted back to sleep
You’re probably counting sheep
Whatever it is you’re dreaming
Once again you’ve left me screaming
Screaming in my head
A skull that’s full of dread
What I did I have no clue
You treat me like dog shit on your shoe
If you wont let me fix what is broke.
You will be going up in smoke
You might think this is a game
But all I need is a naked flame
In seconds the bed’ll be burning
All you’ll wake with is a yearning
If the roles were to be reversed
And I was the one to be cursed
I’d know there’d be no grieving
So it’s time for me to be leaving
Just let me light this match
I’ll wait for it to catch
I’ll ignite this fucking pigsty
You wont hear me say goodbye

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  1. I kind of feel your pain. Sometimes, I would want to write music and all I could write is a poem. Sometimes, I can even write lyrics but don’t know how to write the rhythm or the other complimentary parts to go with melody or whatever.

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