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bad poetry

If you rearrange the words, does the book still read the same?
If you rearrange the rules, can we still play the game?
If you rearrange the letters, do the words all sound wrong
If you rearrange the lyrics, is it possible to sing the song?

I think that you’ll agree,
rearranging may not be
A thing that suits us all
Be we big or be we small

But there’s an exception to the rule
And it involves the stupid fool
If you rearrange my brain
I would surely be more sane.

If I could be less twisted
My head would be less misted
My brain would be less clouded
And a little less shrouded

So a little rearranging
Could really be life changing
For you it could be done
Because you’re the only one.


  1. I really like this, well done 😀

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