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Ban me before I do it again!

bad poetry

Dammit what’s with these bloody prompts
The writer in me just thumps and stomps
I’m not suppose to be writing rhymes
Or what some might consider crimes
There is stories I should be writing
Not this poetry I’m citing.

In the night when it was freezing,
I’d roll over for a squeezing.
You’d assume it was seduction,
your response was just obstruction.

All I wanted was a cuddle,
a warm and tight huddle.
It could even be a snuggle,
but everything I muddle

Every word I spoke, a mistake,
from a tremor to an earthquake
There was never any malice,
not even something callous.

It was always love and devotion,
every feeling every emotion
They all came from inside,
no matter how hard I tried.

You banned my heart from feeling,
without thought you left me reeling
You banned my mind from thinking,
abandoned and left me sinking.

These words I speak, heartfelt,
these are the cards you dealt.
You wont feel any pain,
and I wont even strain.

In your heart this knife is plunged,
your life will be expunged.
If I can’t have you no one will
You drove me to this kill

Please don’t take this diction,
As anything more than fiction.
Even with the strain
My wife I haven’t slain

Her blood has not been spilled
I certainly haven’t killed
I don’t even own a knife
Suitable for stabbing a wife.

Although there’s one in the drawer
I’ve measured it twice, to be sure
While it would slide into her neck
Her death would leave me a wreck


  1. From the title of your post
    I thought that you might host
    a half-dressed man meme
    but now it does seem
    you’re stuck in a rhyme
    and us as well this time.
    Please don’t use the knife
    on anyone especially the wife.
    May tomorrow’s prompt
    be something on which you can chomp!
    I didn’t help….did I?

    ps. your poem was fun.
    better than a ryan or channing bum.

    okay….I see the knife emerging from the drawer….bye.

    • Haha that’s probably the best comment I’ve seen, thanks for the effort 🙂

      Got to admit the memes, half naked men for the women or not, are getting boring. The poems are pretty crappy but at least they are words 🙂

      • This is the third time I’ve tried to reply. Maybe I’m not supposed to.

        I think your poems are good. I liked the word selection on the last one. 🙂 I should have said that before.

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