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My tiny epitaph

bad poetry

They say that good things come in packages small
And there is no doubt in a tea crate you’d sprawl
You’re not tiny, you’re small or just a little petite
You’re taller than a dwarf at just over five feet

When you’re feeling like shit I just have to admit.
It tears at my heart and rips me apart
I want to take away your pains, remove all your strains
Take away all your aches, whatever it takes

Kill that damn bug and just give you a hug
It’s far from a chore to listen to you snore
I would kill all your pain, make sure it was slain
Take away all your problems and kill those damn goblins

I would take away the itch, so life would be without hitch
Remove all the hurt, in one little spurt
The downside for me, most surely will be
When your pains are all shed, I too will be dead.


  1. A little maudlin for you, isn’t it? Of course I don’t know you.

    • I don’t know is it? I think it’s probably on a par with some of the other stuff I’ve written it’s just the poem is more of a first person narrative, where as when I kill people off it’s usually second or third person.

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