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Tiny Angels

My Tiny Angles

So there I was sitting watching Modern Family on TV, computer on my lap and wife to my side (doing the same thing), you know all those things the experts recommend people do before going to bed 🙂 and the prompt came in. Tiny, another word that I could do a lot of things with but really couldn’t be bothered.

So as it does quite often my mind began wandering to my tiny angels, angels who can both tell me these days that they aren’t that tiny any more. Then as if on cue, as if my thoughts some how woke them, they both started having coughing fits.

Miss 8 seems to get a cold every time the weather changes and in the last few weeks that’s all the weather has done. We might not have had hot weather but we’ve had weather warm enough for her to wear shorts to school, weather cold enough for a jacket, weather wet enough for an umbrella and on Saturday we even got caught in a hail storm. So a coughing Miss 8 was hardly a surprise.

Any time over the last few years Miss 8 has managed to score a cold and needed to see a doctor, or the one time we took her to the hospital, they always claim there is no signs of asthma despite it being on both side of the family. So unless they can see something in her throat it’s little more than over the shelf cough mixture and keep the fluids up. Needless to say as much as she hates the coughing she’s getting used to it.

Being tired and hearing her sister cough I think even she knew that tonight mum and dad would be coming to her rather than having to drag her tired and weary body out of bed to them. Sure enough mum and dad did exactly that and after some cough mixture, some pain killers and a bit of water she’s happy enough in bed. We can still hear her coughing a little bit but it has slowed down and she might not be asleep but she is comfortable and warm.

Miss 4 on the other hand she’s a real bundle of joy. Earlier today whilst dear wifey was off getting her hair cut (I could mention how cute it looks but she’d kill me) Miss 4 and I played tea parties, played a game she calls Alicia and Horsey (I get to be Horsey), we drew pictures, cut paper and had a great time. For 3 hours it was Dad this, Dad that, Dad, Dad, Dad, we had fun, we had games and we managed to do it all without breaking each other.

So three hours ago when she first woke up crying off I went to see what was wrong. As soon as I walked in the door it wasn’t Dad, Dad, Dad, it was screaming at the top of her lungs and burying her head in the pillow covering it in tears. Such a reaction has happened plenty of times over the last four years, she’s a mummy’s girl and always will be so I don’t get that offended by it. I simply walked back to the lounge and suggested to wifey that Miss 4 just cry it out for a few minutes. Sure enough within a few minutes the screams of MUM could be heard. Mum was of course able to settle her down (my dulcet tones and sweet sounds must surely have paved the way and made it easier) and she was off into dream land again.

The second time she woke up (obviously thanks to me thinking about her) was a different proposition. This time even mum couldn’t settle her. So while Mum organised pain killer and cough mixture, which she would refuse to take anyway, Dad offered to go in and see if he could calm down the crying. Obviously all those thoughts I had about her were bad thoughts because the screaming I didn’t think could get any louder went up three octaves when I walked in the room. Thankfully Miss 8 was happy to see Dad.

Nearly an hour on Miss 8 is still here sitting on Mum’s lap refusing to go to sleep, refusing to go to her own bed and I’m sure Mum’s about to give in and either go to bed with her or take her to our room.

I’m not silly, I know neither of the kids scream at me to offend me. I know they don’t scream at me because they hate me. And I know they don’t scream at me because of who I am. They are just unwell and they can scream at Mum as much as me. But it still doesn’t hurt any less. I guess one day they will feel the same when their kids scream at them, but I can hope it doesn’t happen.

On the upside Mrs ** (You wont get her age out of me!) who also has a bit of of a cough isn’t screaming at me with. I’m not sure what will happen when it comes time to take her cough mixture and go to bed though. For the kids sake I hope she doesn’t scream as loud as they do!


  1. We just got over a bought of coughs ourselves, no fun. Your piece made me giggle- I hope your tiny angels are well soon though 🙂

  2. Why numbers instead of names? How many tiny ones are there altogether. I am tempted to believe 8.

  3. Age, position in the family, special titles are all good choices. It has been a long time since those days for me, but I remember them clearly.

    • I might post stories about my wife and kids, and I will change some of the details but I love and respect them too much to use personal details. If they want to do that it’s their choice not mine.

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