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Playing on the swings



One of the funniest stories relating to
artificial I remember is from more than 30 years ago. Dad’s mate lost his leg in a car accident, from the knee down he had an artificial leg.

As usual boys will be boys and there was plenty of stories, from wheel chair drag races up and down the hospital corridors drunk whilst one of them laid in Emergency too drunk to be medicated to poor Nev standing on a beach fishing and not being able to feel the sand washing out from under his artificial foot at which time he simply fell sideways.

But the best story is from the day we were all at the park, I wasn’t very old myself but I was old enough to know that adults didn’t play on swings, kids played on swings, however no one told Neville this and swing he did. Of course blind Freddie can see where this story is going.

That’s right Neville swung backwards and forwards showing off and making a racket like a kid but it wasn’t until some more kids we didn’t know came to the park asking for the swings that some how, he still to this day claims it wasn’t by his own hand, his leg came off at the knee and flew through the air.

Knowing he had the artificial leg it was hilariously funny for us but for the kids that had never seen us before it was the shock of a life time. They ran from the park screaming, quicker than I’ve ever seen a kid run again in my life. It took us five minutes before any one of us could stop laughing enough to go and fetch the leg, but I think it took a lot longer than that for those poor kids to get over seeing someone’s leg fly off.


  1. hahaha! that’s hilarious. I probably would have screamed my head off

  2. Wonderful story of course. At first it may appear as a comic story. But the thought of the man who has to depend on some one else to pick up the leg is the saddest part of it.

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