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Artificial compliments.

Artificial compliments.

An artificial compliment it aint
A prettier picture I couldn’t paint
I’ve always liked it long
I’ve told you all along
But it’s never been like this
There is definitely nothing amiss
It is the perfect ‘do
For a woman such as you

When you first walked in the door
I nearly collapsed to the floor
I couldn’t believe my eyes
You could have won first prize
Your new hairdo looks amazing
And there is no amount of praising
That could do such a style justice
I mean what I say, please trustus*

An Ode to getting a smack around the head
If this terrible poetry every gets read
Especially by the person in question
Who might think its just a bullshit session


  1. Rugby843

    It’s that hesitation when you’re asked, how do I look? that gets you into trouble.

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