Locked away I am hidden from your sight, forced to live in Artificial light. I am not the only one, there are hundreds like me, we are all trapped in here, no daylight, just walls, cages and those burning hot globes hanging from the roof. We only get to see daylight once a day and even then it’s only for a short time. We get do get fed but it’s always a free for all, our captors simply throw chunks of meat at us and we are left to fight amongst ourselves for the food we want.

We are made to suffer because we aren’t wanted, we are used and abused. The do tests on us, they use us for their own gain and they never take no for an answer. Even if one of us does stand up, dares to speak out, or in the worst case actually tries to fight back we become casualties in a war. It’s a war that we must fight if we ever want a better life. It’s a war that has been thrust upon us because those with the power always think they know best. But the one thing our instinct always tells us is that it’s a war that we cannot win.

So here I wait for those bastard to come for me, just like those before me. I know they are coming for me because they fed me individually last night, not only that they fed me a hearty meal of meat, vegetables and gravy, the meal of death row. I know that when I’m gone there will be a thousand more not ready to take my place, but like me they will be without choice.

Those bastards out there have decided that my life is theirs to take. They will do as they please, they will use me as they please and they will dispose of me when they are finished. They will show no mercy, no consideration and no care for my wishes. But until they get here I am trapped in this world I did not create.

Stop Animal Testing!