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The Midnight Cowboy’s Urgent Delivery

The Midnight Cowboy

Tuesday 23 November

Bloody training again
Still third night on the job and this guy’s not doing too bad.
At least he didn’t get us lost before the first stop like that other numpty did on his third night
All in all he’s probably one of the better ones the boss has found.
Hope he can hack it out the rest of the week. I want a day off.
Hmmmm has he forgotten what’s up ahead?
Two nights in a row I have told him and two nights in a row he’s failed to take notice.
He’s going to do it again tonight.
Well I’m not telling him.
That sign on the road should be enough of a warning
The sign says DIP, it’s not short For DIPSHIT
Ok he’s not slowing down, he’s going even faster than last night he must be getting confident.
I’ll just brace myself over here and wait for the bang.
Damn those bostrom seats are great for training new drivers,
Hope he didn’t dent the roof that time, he got some height.
Wonder if the headache will last until this time tomorrow and remind him to slow down!

Dip In Road

Thursday 12 March

“Am I stuck?”
“No Officer I’m not stuck.”
“What am I doing?”
Urgent delivery.”
“NO I’m not stuck I was delivering the bridge and I got lost!”

Delivering the Bridge

Friday 27 October

Oh man I haven’t heard this song for years.
I’ve been screaming to this since before I even knew how to drive
Oh well can’t let the team down now.
Scream it for me Jimmy!

Well he’s following the broken lines
Living on borrowed time
Motel rooms and broken hearts all left behind
You swear he couldn’t close his eyes
As he shifts into overdrive
He’s been up and down this road so many times

The man of his own
And searching just keeps him proving
That only the road
Can tame the rebel in his soul

Ouch, that hurt the throat, better tone it down a bit.
Don’t know how Jimmy screams but I can’t do it and drive at the same time

It’s the rhythm of the highway
As he rolls on down
And city lights as they fade from sight
Drives the man behind the driving wheels

Like a cowboy in a rodeo
Riding hard but never letting go
You’ll be wand’ring through the twilight of his life
Waylon Jennings on the radio
Country music and engines roar
Like a shooting star across a desert sky
And he’s got a home
But it’s out on the blue horizon
Heaven only knows
There’s still a rebel in his soul

So much for not screaming like Jimmy

It’s the rhythm of the highway
As he rolls on down
And city lights as they fade from sight
Drives the man behind the driving wheels

And chasing southern lights
In the distant sky
And open plains with the mountains high
Drives the man behind the driving wheels

Well he’s thought about settling down
A little diner on the edge of town
But in this world of push and shove
He’s still got freedom in his blood

It’s the rhythm of the highway

Drives a man behind the driving wheels!!

Even after all this time I can still sing like a champion!!


  1. Delivering the truck is funny.

    • That actual thought is based on an old joke.

      We did hit a bridge one day but we didn’t get stuck, we ended up digging a 4inch furrow in the concrete on the underside of the bridge. 🙂

  2. I look forward to all of your posts with all the characters. Definitely a fan of your clever writing and sense of humor!

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