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Life In Song: I’ll Be Home Soon

I'll be home soon

Life In Song

I’ll Be Home Soon

“So you’re really not going to work tonight?”
“Well I have to go in and drop off the truck keys because even I didn’t expect this, but that’s all I’m doing.”
“What are you going to tell them.”
“I already told Smithy, between the second and third innings, that I was going to spend the next 24 hours in bed with you and not to bother me.
“Haha, you did not.”
”I did.”
“Well we better make sure you aren’t living a lie. When are you going in?”

As Mark drove to work leaving Steph laying in bed waiting for him. The radio was blaring and for the first time in a month he felt great about life.
Hearing the announcer on the radio introduce the up and coming song Mark got excited.
He picked up his mobile phone and used speed dial to dial Steph’s number.
The phone rang for three rings before being picked up.

“Miss me that much already?”
“Of course but that’s not why I’m ringing. Quick turn on CWM FM, it’s
Through the speakers of both phones the music could be heard.


As you drive away, I watched the tail lights disappear
This old home is not the same without you here
I’ve fallen for a truck driving man
And I’m getting through the lonely nights the best I can

Steph: “Well I’m not actually getting through that well”
Mark: “Babe there is nothing wrong with struggling, we all struggle with something.”
Steph: “I don’t want to struggle any more.”
Mark: “You wont have to, a problem shared is a problem halved.”


And every mile brings you closer
With every hour I’m missing you
And every day you’re one day nearer
Oh darling please be home soon

Mark: “Ill be home in less than thirty minutes.”
Steph: “I’m counting the second.”
Mark: “Stay where you are then.”
Steph: “After the sixth innings I’m not sure I can move.”
Mark: “I’m sorry.”
Steph: “Don’t be sorry be quick.”


Well I know it’s hard when I’m out on the road
And I hate the thought of leaving you alone
I’ve tried other jobs but they just don’t work out
And I can’t wait until I turn this rig around

Mark: “Nothing hurts more than leaving you each night. Except maybe missing you each morning.”
Steph: “I may not always show it babe but I feel the same.”
Mark: “No idea what job it is yet but I’ll find one I can stand.”
Steph: “You don’t have too.”
Mark: “I want to, just like I want to turn this truck around and come home to you.”
Steph: “Don’t be sorry be quick.”

And every mile brings you closer
With every hour I’m missing you
And every day you’re one day nearer
Oh darling I’ll be home soon

Mark: “I’d prefer to work with kilometres they aren’t as long.”
Steph: “Yeah but an hour is still and hour, even in imperial.”
Mark: “An imperial hour? Is that an hour with a little pointy beard?”
Steph: “Oh geez, that’s a smart arse dad joke, and you aren’t even a dad.”
Mark: “Yet.”
Steph: “Don’t be sorry be quick!”


All this time on my own just don’t seem right
Alone again, another miss you night
I hear you whisper softly on the wind
It won’t be long until I hold you once again

Mark: “Every night is a ‘miss you night’!”
Steph: “Damn right it is, but we are fixing that tonight!”
Mark: “I definitely wont be long now babe, I’m only 5 minutes from the depot.”
Steph: “I might sound a bit repetitive but…don’t be sorry be quick.”


And every mile brings you closer
With every hour I’m missing you
And every day you’re one day nearer
Oh darling please be home soon
Oh darling I’ll be home soon

Steph: “Back on imperial again.”
Mark: “I’ll be home in half a bearded hour?”
Steph: “Haha! Beards tickle my legs.”
Steph: “Don’t be sorry be quick! Get here before the seventh innings, or I might have to start without you! ”
Mark: “Darling. I’ll Be Home Soon!!”


  1. Truck driving and song writing seem to go hand in hand. Seems a good profession for a writer also. Gives you an income, and plenty of time to think, if you can stay awake.

    • Yeah Slim Dusty is most famous for it in this country, 104 albums (or there abouts) with songs all about the country, the road and the trucks. He wrote the soundtrack to many a truck divers day or night. However it was his wife who wrote Lights On The Hill which is probably the most memorable aussie truck driving song, it also spawned the memorial wall for truckies who have lost their lives behind the wheel.

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