Subdued = Loud

Ok so I’m tired and the first coffee of the day hasn’t kicked in yet so I’m not really in any shape to start editing. I’m also not in the right state of mind to start preparing the pork shoulder for the slow cooker, sharp knives are for those who are awake. So I figure I’ll throw a few words at the screen and see if I can’t wake myself up a bit.

I was just looking at the dictionary definition of the word subdue(d), given I already had two posts with the word I thought maybe knowing the meaning might be the next step 🙂

Anyway below are two definitions

soft and restrained.
synonyms: dim, muted, toned down, softened, lowered, low-key, subtle, unobtrusive, understated.


overcome, quieten, or bring under control
synonyms: conquer, defeat, vanquish, get the better of, overpower, overcome, overwhelm, crush, quash, quell, beat, trounce, subjugate, master, suppress, gain the upper hand over.

Although I’m slightly twisting the word and it’s meaning one of the things I think about when the word subdued comes up is how I achieved a state of subdued-ness (is that a word?) by the opposite of the first meaning and the slightly twisted meaning of the second.


Now I know some people might not like the words conquer, defeat, overpower, beat etc used when it comes to a parent over a child but that’s exactly what it was some days. Ok so I obviously don’t mean I challenged our daughter to a duel and it was battle swords at dawn and the strongest survives (although sometimes that would have been easier I think).

What I mean is that some days getting our eldest daughter to have her sleep during the day when she was only a few months old was a bloody trial. It’s something all parents go through I’m sure and once she finally did drop off I often felt like I had just vanquished a beast, suppressed the demon and overpowered the impossible, so I’d put my battle sword down and relish in victory!

That was until I discovered one thing and that one thing was the exact opposite of the first definition. I discovered the ultimate sleeping pill for our daughter, Heavy Metal. There was nothing restrained or soft about it, the louder the better. And not just loud, it had to be heavy, aggressive, and at times angry. That’s right there was no Metallica for this kid I would have to play bands like Slayer, Dark Angel, and Morbid Angel or she would not be subdued and she would remain awake all day just screaming in her cot.

Ok so that’s not a major problem for me I’ve been a metalhead since I was 10, but it absolutely horrified my mother and of course I didn’t keep doing it just to annoy her, I did it because our daughter liked it.

Now days I’m sure when our daughter cracks the shits, loses her temper and start screaming down the house it’s all my fault. Not just because apparently losing ones temper is a family trait on only one side but because I made her listen to all that evil loud music and it made her subconscious angry, or something.

But I don’t really care, I’ve got broad shoulders and I’m used to being blamed for a lot of things, (I’ll just crack the shits, scream, yell and turn the music up). However one of the reasons I don’t care about having to wear such blame is because of a few wonderfully proud daddy moments I’d seen thanks to our daughter now having a huge appreciation for heavy metal.


One of those moments came earlier this year while I was sitting at my computer listening to a Folk Metal band from Finland named Korpiklaani (I’ll excuse most of you for not knowing who they are). Not only do these guys play loud and somewhat aggressive music but some of their songs are sung in their native tongue. We are not a bi-lingual family but on that day our daughter stood next to me headbanging to Korpiklaani and singing. Now because I can’t understand Finish (and I’m sure she can’t, I don’t think finish is a subject in second grade) I don’t know what words she was singing, but her words sounded exactly like the singer. Proud daddy just sat there listening and laughing to himself a dear daughter sung along seemingly oblivious to what she was doing.

Its a scene that is often repeated when we are in the car or just sitting back with heavy metal going but one that is rarely repeated when I play country music. I did a short stint as a metal lead singer many years ago (not a very successful one) but now days I’d much rather let our daughter sing the house down.

When our second daughter was born sadly I couldn’t achieve the same goal. I was pulling 10 sometimes 12 hour days on the farm, coming home physically wrecked often barely able to walk and I missed a lot of those afternoon sleeps (and subsequently a lot of evening things because I was so wrecked and just unable to function, farming is a great job but few appreciate just how demanding it is spending 12 hours walking paddocks mountain goats refuse to walk) but one day I’ll try and subdue her with screaming guitars and pounding drums too. 🙂

Actually thinking about it a bit further I am a bit closer to achieving the second goal than I thought because on International Pirate day a few weeks ago both Miss 8 and Miss 4 were walking around the house singing You Are A Pirate by Pirate Metal band Alestorm. Daddy was proud yet again, even if Mummy wasn’t particularly overjoyed at the wonderful singing that came and went all day long.