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Murder Club Bar None



Murder Club

Bar None

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“Anyone know how to tap a keg?” Snowflake asked as he tossed another square of chocolate into his mouth.

“Yeah of course we do.” Tickles replied, “Weren’t you listening during the hand over?”

“Of course not, I was thinking of my weather girl and chocolate.”

“Just as well we have staff that do the hard work for us, isn’t it!” Golly stated as he stepped behind the bar.

“What’s Big Bear doing?” Tickles asked anyone who was listening.

“I was in the Saloon bar checking out the entertainment.” Big Bear answered for himself as he pushed his way through the swinging doors that separated the main bar from the saloon bar.

Just like when they had the house modified to set up their previous business the Boofheads had the tradesman working over time remodelling their new pub. While they had added a full size pool table and dart board into the main bar they’d also heavily renovated the saloon bar, Big Bear had been checking out those renovations before re-entering the main bar.

Propping himself up on a bar stool and grabbing the glass of Jack Daniels that was slid across the bar towards him Big Bear gave his report.


“The three new slate pool tables run true and look great with their blue felt. The air hockey tables are running, the dart boards are all set up correctly and the driving simulators are all linked and ready to race.”

“Did we get those pinball machines in there?” Snowflake piped up before sipping from his glass of Canadian Club.

“Sure did, all six of them.” replied Big Bear.

“Damn, we didn’t just renovate, we expanded exponentially.” Tickles stated before downing the last of his Jack and coke.

“Well what do you expect, we did use the same designers and architects that created the Tardis.” Golly stated without the hint of sarcasm.

“So is the place stocked? Has the last of the orders arrived for the opening?” Big Bear inquired.

“As long as there is enough Jack Daniels for us does it matter?” Tickles said through a smile as he raised his recently refilled glass to clink with Big Bear.

Laughter filled the empty bar room as the Boofheads drank and discussed the full progress.


Although work had been going gang busters and almost everything was finished the stage area was the causing a few hold ups and that wouldn’t be finished for a further two days. Their chosen laser light rigs and specialist high end audio equipment was delayed because it was such a unique set up but they’d been promised two days was the worst case scenario.

“So it seems we will be ready for next weeks opening.” Big Bear stated as he grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniels to pour another drink.

“And with a bit of luck by then our Jack Daniels sponsorship will have come through.” Tickles added with a huge grin.

With a thoughtful look on his face, which the other boofheads thought was Snowflake wondering how he could drop Canadian Club into the discussion for a shot at sponsorship by them too, he asked. “So if we are opening next week what is our name going to be?”

As a sense of deja vu floated over the room and all four Boofheads thought back to the serial saga that was naming their last business Golly piped up.

“Well there was the suggestion from that nice old lady the other day who suggested we wait for a prompt. It was a good idea but Subdued Bar isn’t a very good name. Lucky we have a few more days to figure it out.”

Canadian Club
Jack Daniels


  1. subdued drink CC and coke lots of ice twist of lime. one of my favourites. I would order it at the subdued bar. Although, I might have trouble being served by a stuffy. haha

  2. You could have given me a ping back!
    Wish you could set one up for me.

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