Life In Song

Men In Trucks

As Mark made his way home Steph busied herself getting ready for work
She was slightly subdued but in a great mood, she’d slept well, she’d woken well and for the first time in ages she was feeling good.
She knew deep down she loved Mark, she knew he loved her and as she stood in front of the mirror putting on make up she began to think she was ready to tell him that without her brain kicking her in the head and stopping her.

There was no getting around the fact that she hated his job, damn she hated her job, but Mark’s job killed their social life. However it was a reasonable job that paid well and with jobs so hard to get was she silly letting him quit for her?

Surely they could make it work even with the crappy job. And she did like men in trucks.

There’s reportedly a straight man at my local hair salon
His skin is smooth, he’s manicured what the hell is going on
I tell you girls I think the word metro sexual sucks
Call me what you will, it’s how I feel
I like men in trucks

A manicured man with smooth skin? What next a man with a three day growth who calls it a beard and women think it’s sexy?
It’s not only the word metrosexual that sucks, a google search for the word reveals a whole bunch of powderpuff guys with three day bumfluff.
Those silly Hollywood movie stars are the worst, can’t act, can’t grow a real beard
I prefer real men
Real mean drive trucks.
Like Mark.

Won’t walk around beside a man who’s prettier than me
I want my beauty secrets to remain a mystery
But a hairy chest and steel toe boots are worth a million bucks
Yeah that’s the deal it’s how I feel
I like men in trucks

I don’t have a lot of beauty secrets but I definitely don’t want a man who knows more about eye liner and face cream than me.
Hairy chests and steel toed boots, even a real beard are more of a turn on the pretty boys with bumfluff
Mark has a big truck!

Callused hands make- eth the man
One of the easy loving, bread in the oven, hard working brand
So if you can’t change a tyre boy, you’re slap outa luck
Take the wheel, it’s how I feel
I like men in trucks

You can’t swing an axe when your hands a covered in hand cream
Changing a tyre? I doubt some of these powderpuffs could even change their underwear without an instruction manual
That’s how I feel too
I like real men in real trucks

Callused hands make-eth the man
He’s one of the easy lovin’ bread in the over, no-one above him, hard workin’ brand
So get yourself a flatbed boy and see what you pick-up
Keep it real it’s how I feel
That’s the deal it’s how I feel
I like men in trucks

Yeah that’s the deal it’s how I feel
I like men in trucks

No point telling a metrosexual bumfluff boy to get a flat bed, he’d go looking in the bedroom.
It’s time for me to keep it real.
Mark will be home soon
I’m ringing work and calling in sick
If they ask me what’s wrong I’ll tell them I’m sick and spending the day in bed.
At least that will be partly true!
That’s the deal
That’s how I feel
I like men named Mark!

Authors note: Sorry about the quality of the video the song deserves more but as far as I can tell Melinda never released it as a single.